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Podiatrist in Davison, Lapeer, Flint, Clarkston, MI - Professional Foot and Ankle Centers - Professional Foot & Ankle Centers offer podiatrists in Davison, Lapeer, Flint, and Clarkston, MI specializing in foot pain, heel pain, bunions, hammertoes and ingrown nails.

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  • A. Valladares - LIKED IT!

    Order this for a spare key, went to the dealer and they would charge me $95.00 to program it...but they would not cut the key. I was able to find something on the Internet how to program it, it took three tries but it worked. The only mistake I made was to go to Walmart and have the key cut, the attendant messed it up and was not able to cut it right. Had to order the shell and uncut key to see if I can have a pro do it,so, I'm using just the remote part and another spare key. BTW I have a 2008 Scion TC..not sure if I need a transponder..Walmart says I do..I never went back to the dealership but I don't think I need it b/c the key I'm using is a spare...my daughter uses the original!********UPDATE********My 2008 does not need the chip or be programmed by the dealership...all u need is to ensured that It gets cut properly and u can program it so the remote works .....google it!!!

  • Kaylee - Horrible.

    The Planchette is rediculously heavy and sticks to the board, the board is thin and flimsy. In all honesty I would just buy this for a little kid to just get the feel of a Planchette under their fingers. Pretty though.

  • Wow. - Wow.

    The Wall is an amazing expression of emotion and power, rivaling any musical work this century. It is based on Roger Waters' childhood experiences and the band Pink Floyd's corruption by fame and isolation from emotion. - this is his AND PINK'S autobiography in music. Many of the songs, and the work as a whole take some deep listening and thinking to understand and enjoy, making thins album a mental and emotion thriller.

  • Kyle R. - Worth the money

    I bought this device because I have a lot of chest and abdomen hair. I shave regularly, and I have attempted waxing, but shaving doesn't last very long and waxing hurts like hell. After using the SensEpil ONCE, my chest hair is already noticeably less dense. I will post again in a few weeks for a status update.

  • SquirlyGrl - Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information

    Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information. Will be using this book for years to come. GREAT Amazon price too!

  • Kindle Customer - Great little machine!

    Very happy with this machine. I purchased it specifically as a media streamer hooked to my TV, and it works for it very well. I don't do lots of hi def, but basic netflix, amazon prime and xfinity... its great. On older machines I would get choppy video performance, here it never happens. With plenty of usb ports and even a digital out, I'm happy.

  • Vicki Berens - I couldn't put it down!!

    I truly enjoyed reading Chip and Joanna's story, although there was never any doubt I would. :) These people share their story just like they are sitting in the living room of your home with you. I feel inspired to do better, to live better and to thrive better. Thank you to both of you for sharing your ups and downs! Someday, either in this life or eternity, I will be honored to meet you and call you friends!