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Connecticut Bed and Breakfast Inn, Old Saybrook CT lodging accommodations, Deacon Timothy Pratt Bed and Breakfast Inn, B&B, hotels - New England bed and breakfast inn located in historic district in the charming village of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Offering elegant country bed and breakfast accommodations with fireplaces and jacuzzis,whirlpool tubs for romantic getaways, vacations & lodging near Hartford, Mystic Seaport, Middletown and Essex.

  • http://www.pratthouse.net/ClickBrochure.htm ClickBrochure - New England bed and breakfast inn located in historic district in thecharming village of Old Saybrook, Connecticut   -   CT offers elegant country B&B accommodations with fireplaces & jacuzzis   -   whirlpool tubs for romantic getaways, vacations & lodging near Hartford, Mystic Seaport, Middletown, Essex

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  • Amber Boardman - Overall very happy

    I am overall very happy with this product. It was a much needed start to a healthy life change. This was the first time I had tried a cleanse and would recommend this product. My symptoms were nothing beyond what a cleanse entails and I feel much more energized.

  • L. Bagby - The best natural healer yet

    I read the reviews here and elsewhere (over 1000) and saw that 95% + were positive. Based on the issues folks had solved I decided to try it. I started with and still take 1tsp daily. No tummy or poo issues here. Here's what chgd for me: My migraine (nummular headaches) were instantly gone. My insomnia was gone. My appetite seemed more like normal instead if ravenous. My chronic lower back pain from DDD was relieved to 95% pain free. My neck pain from an old car accident was gone and flexibility restored. Very little if any lactic acid buildup when I workout so I workout longer and harder. Anxiety and confusion I had been having went away. Ability to focus was much improved too. I told my mom about it and gave her 2 tbsp to try for a few days. Her vertigo went away which she has had for 2 years. This has been an incredible find and even if I miss a dose I'm fine still but I don't miss one often.

  • J Booman - Yet another Intuit ripoff

    First you had to upgrade Quickbooks every two years, then they took the payroll subscription and created a basic payroll and enhanced payroll now if you have more than one employee you have to pay $2.00 a month for every employee. This means you have to give them a credit card number to pay the monthly fee and that signs you up for their very expense auto renewal. I have had it with Intuit. Its time to start looking for some new accounting/payroll software. Does anyone have recommendations?.

  • Susie K. - Total junk

    I have used Quicken since about 1995. It was an amazing product back then. I have gone through many versions since then, and I have to say that it has progressively gotten more unreliable and annoying. While it touts the ability to pull all your information via One Step Update, I don't know how many times it successfully downloaded data from all my accounts, with various error messages. Many times, the message reads that it is a problem with my financial institution, but when I access my account directly through the bank website, I have no problems. But if I have to get my information that way, why I pay money for this software? It seems to me that Quicken has taken advantage of its loyal fan base from the early years by forcing them to pay every couple years for the same and truly unimproved product, knowing that there is no competition out there. 

  • Amazon Customer - I love this filter

    I love this filter. I can brew a cup of coffee anywhere there is hot water available. I bought one to keep at work and later ordered another to use at home when I want only one cup. Only down side is a bit of sediment in the bottom of the cup if you don't use custom coarse ground coffee. Just don't drink it down to the last drop if that's the case.

  • Dana Johnson - you'll be fine, but do *not* expect them to stretch

    They have limited give. If they're the right size, you'll be fine, but do *not* expect them to stretch. They look great!