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  • myronman - like the size, but rough around the edges

    i like the knife's size. it was definately the dullest knife i've ever bought. i have a old guardian knife i bought years ago, and that sucker takes an edge and holds it. this knife doesnt take an edge the way i would have expected. i've been working on getting a good edge on it. it's not an easy knife to get sharp. i do like the size, the handle, and the blade design. i'd prefer that it wasnt serated at the back, but that's just my preference. the sheath is kinda bleh.

  • Luke - it felt creamy and had a good clean smell to it

    Consistency of Shampoo has changed. I agree with other customers that have said that the consistency of the shampoo has changed. When I purchased the shampoo initially, it felt creamy and had a good clean smell to it, now I feel that the shampoo is water down and even the smell is different.

  • Teri Anderson Buck - And what good is it if it is undecipherable

    I spent hours with Tech support just to get the program registered. I started with an OEM version that came with an SSD but it was worthless so I foolishly paid to get an upgrade to this. It wouldn't accept the Registration numbers given to me. They have a Byzantine 64 digit registration code. Bring your Little Orphan Annie decoder ring, When the program refuses to accept the registration number you have been given, there is no clue what is wrong.

  • M. Walker - I really enjoy all the Lego games

    I really enjoy all the Lego games, and this one is one of the better games from them. Exploring all the parks and being able to play as a dinosaur is a good new edition to the games.

  • Gary Q. - Great Program

    I have yet to use this on the open road but so far it works great. It's not the most visually esthetic program but it gets the job done.

  • Kathryn Schneider - I got it for free so I shouldn't complain but ...

    I got it for free so I shouldn't complain but I was expecting the "moral" of the story to be written out after each story. A few stories do have the moral but the majority don't. I wanted to use the book to teach my grandchildren where lots of the expressions they will hear in life came from, but other than the obvious ones about "crying wolf" and "spilt milk" I can't recall all of them. There are a lot of stories that deal with trust issues and I wish they had summed the meanings up in clear concise moral of the story form on all of them.

  • A User - nzuri elixir

    nzuri elixir is a great product for holistic use. I would truly recommend this product to others who are living holistic.