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  • Orgainc mama-san - Good.

    Sent this item to a friend and she really like it and can tell a difference in her health. She is going through the menopause and was getting yeast infection often but this has helped.

  • James M. - This is a great low-end utility tablet

    This is a great low-end utility tablet. The screen doesn't have the pixel density of an iPad or high-end IPS display android tablet, but it does look good for playing games, watching youtube videos, web browsing, etc. The battery life is average, usually lasting about 3-4 hours of constant use. Charging is painfully slow due to its lack of quick charging, but what do you expect at this price point?

  • Belinda Salazar - Feedback

    I'm really enjoying my magazine, it has great recipes. I've been entertaining and my guest has enjoyed the dinners I've prepared for them.

  • Valerie Sutton - Works best ...

    I just started taking Ultra Cleanse because of having regularity problems since I had my gallbladder removed. I was scared at first, because of the choking risk. But, since the first day I took it, I have been going regularly with obvious weight loss too. I am impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone with these problems and with no prior luck with other products just like me. THANK YOU NUTRATECH!!!

  • Casper - FUN FUN

    I absoultly love this game. It is hallrious to me. The entire lego series just cracks me up. This one you get to be a cop and mostly and undercover one. You go on missions and its rather addicting game play. i would deffinitly recommend this to all.

  • R. M. Mayhew - It's Hotel California

    The problem with ACT is you can check in, but it's darn near impossible to check out (thus the Hotel California reference). I went from being one of the top fans of ACT to a very unsatisfied user. My guess is, the good reviews here are from new customers. If you install ACT "fresh" and enter all your information from scratch it may work well. My problem has been upgrading, which has not gone well. The challenge is, if you choose to leave ACT you probably can't get all of your information out of it. Most of the ACT conversion programs (and you have to wonder why companies would be writing programs to get information out of ACT...) can't get everything converted. During one attempt to "check out" of ACT the conversion process lost information I only had stored in ACT. It's easy to get the name, address, etc. (basic info) out, but other items may not be recoverable.

  • What. - Stellar

    This device meets or exceeds all expectations, so I have no complaints, and what I will offer is advice regarding latency as follows: