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Pharmacy Automation Solutions | Pearson Medical Technologies - Pearson Medical Technologies is the leading provider of safe and efficient bar coded, unit dose and multi-dose pharmacy automation solutions.

  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/home/about-pearson-medical-technologies/ About Pearson Medical | Unit Dose Pharmacy Automation Solutions - Pearson Medical provides leading pharmacy automation solutions for bar coded unit dose packaging and multi-dose packaging to ensure patient safety.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/products/ Unit Dose and Multi-Dose Medication Packaging Systems - Safe and efficient pharmacy automation equipment ranging from unit dose medication packaging systems, multi-dose medication medication systems, to software.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/ipackrx_unit_dose_packager/ Oral Solids Table Top Unit Dose Packager | Pearson Medical - The iPack®Rx is the leading table top bar coded unit dose packager for oral solids, featuring exclusive no crush technology to ensure patient safety.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/mprint/ Bar Code Labeling Software | Pearson Medical Technologies - Pearson Medical Technologies offers solutions to bar code labeling needs for unit dose packaging and manual packaging. m:Print bar code labeling software
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/ip128aps/ Multi-Dose Packaging System | Pearson Medical Technologies - The IP128APS is the most cost-effective automated high-speed unit dose and multi-dose packaging system to increase pharmacy efficiency and patient safety.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/ip256aps/ Multi-Dose Packaging System | Pearson Medical Technologies - The IP256APS is the most cost-effective automated high-speed unit dose and multi-dose packaging system to increase pharmacy efficiency and patient safety.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/safesealrx/ SafeSealRx Unit Dose Heat Press | Pearson Medical Technologies - The SafeSealRx™ is the perfect solution for any start up pharmacy interested in unit dose blister packaging in 30/60/90 day cycles.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/deblister-semi-automatic-press/ Pharmacy DeBlister Equipment | Pearson Medical Technologies - The simplest, portable, and safe deblister product recovery machine for pharmacies. Recover pills, capsules, and tablets from any size blister card.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/medication-packaging-markets-settings/ Unit Dose and Multi-Dose Packaging Markets & Settings - Leading unit dose and multi-dose packaging solutions and bar code labeling software for acute care, long term care, retail, and institutional facilities.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/allmymeds_adherence_packaging_program/ Multi-Dose Adherence Packaging Solution | Medication Adherence - Improve patient medication outcomes through medication therapy management using allMyMeds™ adherence packaging program and solution for multiple medications
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/pmt-resources/ Pharmacy Automation Resources | Pearson Medical Technologies - At PMT, we understand the shortcomings and challenges of pharmacists and hospitals. We work closely to plan and develop pharmacy automation solutions.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/newsroom/ News & Events | Pearson Medical Technologies - Find out what trade show you can expect to see us at. Follow us for the latest company and pharmacy automation news on the market.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/pharmacy-medication-packaging-news/ Pharmacy Medication Packaging News | Pearson Medical Technologies - Pearson Medical's latest industry news on pharmacy automation, medication packaging, patient safety, and adherence. Find current news and company updates.
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/events/ Events | Pearson Medical Technologies - Mark your calendars. Find the Pearson Medical team at the following events and trade shows. See our pharmacy automation technology live!
  • http://www.pearsonmedical.net/contact/ Pharmacy Automation Solutions | Pearson Medical Technologies - Pearson Medical provides leading pharmacy automation solutions for bar coded unit dose packaging and multi-dose packaging to ensure patient safety and bar code compliance.

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  • Pat Kight - it worked like a charm

    Bought this to clean the grubby grout on a vintage white-tiled kitchen counter and with a little help from a toothbrush, it worked like a charm. We've also used it to remove baked-on oven "krud", and grease spatters on a kitchen window and wall that defined other cleaners. Miraculously, it didn't remove any paint at all, just the gunk. This is our new go-to cleaning product, and we've bought another bottle to keep in the basement workshop, too!

  • B. Smith - Looks good, limited signal.

    It's OK, it looks much better than my previous antenna (which got bent). But, I also feel like the range is limited, especially in AM.

  • Carter Lee Brown - Prius Two Eco

    Love this car. Plenty of room for a small family. Easy to get great gas mileage. This is my first Hybrid vehicle, and it won't be my last.

  • Sherry Martolock - DO NOT ORDER!!

    This program sounds good but once you get them on the phone they start throwing in extras for no charge and your credit card is charged one charge after another. They will not stop charging your account stating you okayed these charges. It is a credit card nightmare. These people are smooth talkers. When I called I was on phone 30 mins. With them adding more cd's for free that they charged me for and several times I said I don't want to order I changed my mind because I knew this didn't feel right. But finally fell for it and trusted I would get full refund after filling out Survey. Then I see charges on credit card I didn't know what they were for and can't get them off. I finally returned survey and made copy sent through post office for signed delivery and received a refund of some of the charges. They still want to continue charging me for Calm Parent program at $49.00 a month. So I stopped my credit card. Please don't put yourself through this nightmare like I did.


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    Okay. You know that showing not telling idea of storytelling? Apparently nobody has ever mentioned it to Bella Forrest.