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Welcome to St George's Pathology Department - St. George's Healthcare NHS Trust - Welcome to the St. Georges Healthcare NHS Trust's Pathology department's test database. You can find information regarding the tests the pathology department analyse. These can be searched by department, type or name.

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  • Jana Stocks Brown - Nice set of Nonstick pans

    We've had these pans for a while now, and really I'm as impressed now as I was when we first opened the set. It's a good set with a wide range of sizes and plenty of lids to go around. The non stick holds up really well, though we also make an effort to clean these immediately and we don't put them in the dishwasher. However, that's really not a problem as even handwashing they clean well with a few suds and a little elbow grease. The only issue would be that the handles come loose over time and I've had to add a screwdriver to my kitchen tools so I can tighten things back up every couple of weeks.

  • Thomas hagren - New parts were not in the budget at nearly 800 dollars so i sucked my resevoir out and topped it with lucas

    Years ago i had an 85 vette and the pump was noisy..the rack had a subtle drip..but the main problem was it had a dead spot nearly dead center and it felt gritty all the time. New parts were not in the budget at nearly 800 dollars so i sucked my resevoir out and topped it with lucas. Fired the engine and on the 2nd cycle around the pump went quiet and the steering got looser. 8 years and 55k miles later when i sold it..id never had to touch the PS system again.

  • Lindsey - Don't Buy USED!

    I got mine used since I don't quite have the money for a new one and boy do I wish I got it new. The previous owner was DEFINITELY a smoker so it STINKS to high heaven. I also expected just the belt to be used and brand new pads to be sent, but the used pads were still stuck onto the belt (eww). I had to wait for new pads to be sent before I could use it and that took some time :/ There was also a part missing. The belt extender was missing, but I really didn't need it anyways since the belt alone is too big for me. The only reason it stays on is because the pads are so sticky.