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Your source for behavioral health information - Partners - Find information, immediate crisis help, and services for mental illness, substance use, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/crisis-help/ Crisis Help - Partners Behavorial Health Managemant - Feeling Anxious or Depressed, reach out to us today. Staff is available 24 hours a day
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/confidential-screening/ Take a confidential mental health or substance abuse screening - Take confidential mental health, substance use screenings online. Feedback based on your answers will tell you if you need help & resources for getting help
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/get-services/ Follow three steps to start your treatment and recovery - Partners - Find out how what services you can get, and how to start receiving them. Learn about criteria for choosing which treatment will help you the best.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/member-education/ Resources and contact for newly enrolled individuals and their families - The enrollee handbook and Enrollee Education Specialists provide information on a number of topics to help members navigate the behavioral health system
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/resources/ Partners publications and other helpful resources - Partners - Additional information about the public health system, mental health, substance use, and intellectual & developmental disabilities.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/mental-health/ Find out what mental health is, take screenings to assess your health. - Find out what mental health is, take screenings to assess your health, and see how to get started finding treatment for mental illnesses.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/mental-health-substance-use-peer-support/ Peer support can make treatment more effective - Partners - Certified Peer Support Specialist help others navigate the public health system, learn what services and options may be useful, and where to find resources.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/geriatric-adult-specialty-team/ Geriatric and Adult Specialty Team - Partners - Partners’ Geriatric and Adult Specialty Team is charged with increasing the community’s knowledge and understanding of mental health and substance use.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/transitions-community-living/ Transitions to Community Living Initiative and its background - Partners - Learn about a program moving people from institutions into the community. Includes components of the program and a court settlement leading to its creation.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/addiction/ Fighting addicition? See how to get started finding treatment - Partners - Find out what addiction is, take screenings to assess your alcohol and drug use, and see how to get started finding treatment.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/disabilities/ Description of intellectual and developmental disabilities - Partners - Find out what an intellectual or developmental disability is, and see how to get started finding treatment for individuals living with a disability
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/intellectual-developmental-disabilities-services/ Common adult and youth services to treat issues with disabilities - Partners - Descriptions of the most common intellectual and developmental disabilities services for adults and youth.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/intellectual-developmental-disabilities-care-coordination/ Care Coordinators help you get all your health needs met - Partners - Care Coordinators for those living with an intellectual or developmental disability help you get all of your health needs with the best care possible
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/north-carolina-innovations-waiver/ NC Innovations is a group of services for some people with a disability - NC Innovations covers necessary services associated with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/nc-innovations-waiver-services/ The list of services that may be covered by NC Innovations - Partners - This is a list of services possibly covered by NC Innovations. Your eligibility for different services is based on your individualized support plan (ISP).
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/supports-intensity-scale/ Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS) assessment for Innovations - Partners - The SIS assessment measures the support a person living with intellectual or developmental disabilities needs for everyday activities of independent living.
  • http://www.partnersbhm.org/consumer-family-advisory-committee/ About the Consumer and Family Advisory Committee - Partners - The Consumer and Family Advisory Committee is made of members and their families. The committee advocates for member rights and needed services.

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