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  • K. Mui - but these are SUBSTANTIALLY better than the cheap $9 Franklin smashminton I picked up ...

    I'm not a regular badminton player, but these are SUBSTANTIALLY better than the cheap $9 Franklin smashminton I picked up at the local Modell's to play with at the park. Carry bag is nice, but a cheap and low quality afterthought rather than a full time piece of equipment.

  • Jason - This just did not seem like it would work

    I ordered this for a little pick me up during the day. I saw this on Amazon and was intrigued. After reading about the product I ordered it but I was still a little skeptical. This just did not seem like it would work. I hate drinking energy drinks because of the sugar and the taste. I do not like taking caffeine supplements because of the jitters and crashes. So, I gave this a try. It works great. You just put in a drink and stir for ten seconds and bottoms up. It does have a slight taste but nothing that bad. I mix it with water and can barely taste it. It has a little sweet taste to it. I try to drink all at once. If you let it sit too long it will become bitter. Just stir it up again if that happens. When I drink this I do not have any jitters or stuff like that. It is a clean energy. I feel great when I take it. There is no crash. It works in about ten minutes and last quite awhile. When I feel my energy level going down I will do another one if needed. I have had no side effects with this product. This is a game changer. I received this product for free or at a discounted rate for my honest opinion and review.

  • LPL Mommy - Great at first, but safety hazard pretty quickly

    I had this stroller for a few months starting about when my child turned a year old. I loved it at first. It was nice and comfy for an umbrella stroller and didn't take up a whole lot of space in my car or house. However, within a few months, it became a serious problem. Basically, my 1 year old child was able to dismantle the stroller while she was strapped into it within 10 seconds. She would pull the adjustable foot rest (which is right beside their knees) straight up so it's perpendicular to their legs. Then she would pull off the fabric and expose two metal spikes sticking straight up on either side of the toddler's legs. You may have surmised that my toddler is a bit of a handful, but she is not the only one with this problem. Look around and you will read about this issue elsewhere. See the most helpful negative review for the 2012 version. Also, we have several strollers, including a B-nimble, and I don't have any issues with this same child dismantling any other stroller and/or exposing metal parts. Just this one stroller.