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Hangover Prevention Supplements & Pills | Over EZ - Over EZ is all natural anti-hangover tablets & vitamins specially formulated to prevent or cure hangover effects of alcohol. Shop Hangover Pills Online!

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  • scott r. - Very good Half the Price Same Amount of Ice!!!

    Great cup. So you have all seen the time lapse videos of this cup vs competitors, we did the same ice water test at my work vs a another well known brand named after a sasquatch. Using a digital kitchen thermometer for accuracy, over two hour intervals, the temperature stays within 1 degree of each other. No sweating on the paper towel under each cup. Very happy with this cup and hope this helped

  • Michael - Great Guide

    I think the GRE is one of the most intimidating tests. It is almost a $200 test and is not something that money needs to be wasted on. I was so glad my grad program did not require it, but when I go to PhD program, I might be need to take it. I figure I might as well start studying now. My fear of this test is real. However, this book is a great start to calming my nerves. The content is simple and easy to follow. It is well organized and well written. The practice questions seem to be the most valuable section of all. I got this book in exchange for my unbiased review.

  • Whataday - Poor reception

    Should have done a little more research before we purchased. I love the idea of not having my antenna ripped off when I take it through the next car wash, but the reception has gone down significantly.

  • CarbonLeaf Fan - Great product!

    I had a red spot on my neck that looked like ringworm but a cream I got from the doctor for ringworm never made it go away. Been using this Tea Tree Oil everyday for a week and a half now and the redness is all most gone. I am going to keep using it and get it to go away.

  • The Bargain shopper - I really like this tea

    I really like this tea!!! It's much gentler that the dieter's kind but I have that too. I drink the dieters if I just need to "purge." But I drink it only once a day in the morning, also the other in the evening. I'm really used to taking only one cup a day. That would be my only con. It works and it keeps me regular throughout the day without me being dependent on it.