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Our Africa - Our Africa: an amazing collection of videos by African children across the continent showing their lives and countries

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  • VSGinSC - Freezing like it is winter on Pluto

    Bought mine the last week of Dec and struggled all week to get it to work properly. Did everything that was published on-line about how to fix the issue of it freezing without result. Finally took it back to the reseller in town and he was amazed it was not working then tried it for a few days and agreed it was a lemon. Then I started reading the reviews and thought "why did I not check first" But I assumed GoPro was the best there was. Seems the hardware has always been problematic. Bought a Contour Roam and love it. Just works and no clunky interface either. Not sure about the surf mount but so far it is has remained attached to the board.

  • Tere - Great Book, This Diet Works!

    I came across this book by accident, having learned about it while I was reading an article about treating hypoglycemia (a condition I've battled for 10 years now). I decided to give it a shot, and I'm so glad I did!

  • Pen Name - fun game but not for a 3 year old

    Love this game. Got it so I could sweat and my three year old could do it too. Some of the dances get a little too sexy, I try to shield my little girl from that kind of stuff so she doesn't think it's so "cool." But overall very fun but do have to pick through some songs.