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  • Joseph Hough - Works great so far...

    Bought directly from the manufacturer. It's been one month and so far so good. Hopefully, it will be worth saving the 25% off Hayward's original. The clear housing allows you to see the chlorine production so you can verify that it's working. I will update if any issues.

  • Spyderbrd - I am so disappointed.

    This game is terrible simply for the fact that when the game senses you have a winning streak it failsafe to save its own economy. For instance, the game offers free spins or limited access to slots. In my case I had just received my daily free coins and began playing bride of Frankenstein slot. I got two wilds and a voucher for 8 free spins and on my free spins I won 10,000 coins, but on my very last free spin the game just shut down and sent me back to home. I reboot the game and guess what? All of my winnings are gone. My access to the slot is gone and my free spins are gone! What a rip off! This game is a bank leech and only serves one purpose. To empty your wallet. Horrible game.

  • lili - Great vacuum for the price- use it more than my Oreck

    I bought this from Amazon after watching the infomercial a few times. I wanted to replace the little green Eureka that I got to keep down stairs

  • Didrik Andersen - Could be used to torture information from terrorists.

    It was my first deployment and I had been missing a lot of stuff from the states. I could get gummi bears at the PX here but not sugar free, and with the army weight regulations I try to keep my snacking healthy. Thus, when I saw a 5 lb bag of sugar free gummies I couldn't help but putting the order in. The gummies shipped in a varily fast manner and I was relieved to notice that non of the gummies appeared to have melted or been damaged in anyway. When I got the bag I was somewhat shocked, seeing for the first time how much 5 lbs of gummie bears actually is. I knew there would be no way for me to consume them all alone. Luckily, we had a range later that week. I stashed the gummies in my wall locker until the range.

  • James Lentz - Not worth the price; dosen't last long

    I tried this product on several items. First off, it dries with a haze to it. I also noticed that it can be rubbed off and probably isn't good for any high traffic uses. Also, you cannot apply soap, motor oil or several other solvents on the surface - they break down the coating. Also, for 20 bucks it only covers like 10 square feet with a single coat. If you need to apply more than one coat on anything like clothing or larger metal surfaces, it will get very expensive and is not permanent. Since it seems to wear off rather easily, I wouldn't try it on anything electronic and expect more than temporary results. This seems to be a product not quite ready for prime time.