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  • Dave Quigley - ... my entire life and its typically a 3-4 week painful and incredibly uncomfortable 3-4 weeks

    I've been allergic to poison ivy my entire life and its typically a 3-4 week painful and incredibly uncomfortable 3-4 weeks. This past summer one evening as I sat down to watch tv after spending a hot Saturday clearing a great deal of brush from the back side of my property wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt I noticed strips of red itchy welts appearing all over both of my arms. I knew right away that poison ivy had found its way into the piles of brush I had moved. I was desperate knowing full well what was in store for me for the next month and immediately went to the internet.. hoping that there was some miracle cure... And I thank God that I found it. It was Zanfel! The ad noted that Walgreens carried it. I jumped in my car and made it just in time before closing and they did indeed carry it. I started applying it that same day I noticed it welting up my skin.. and I stopped it from progressing any further. It was arrested and gone from my skin with 7 days. I've tried every other treatment and nothing works anywhere close to this new product. I paid $49 for it from Walgreens that night and it was well worth it. I found it online on Amazon for $22. I bought two to have at home just in case....

  • Rick Burleson - Great Product but too expensive

    I definitely noticed a difference after taking Alpha Brain. My cognitive function was sharper and my energy level was high without any jitters you might get from a pre-workout or excess caffeine. The reason for the 2 stars is the price. It's just not practical for me to continue buying it at the current pricing structure.

  • Jenna Johnson - Disappointing

    I have both the 2012 and 2013 editions (the 2nd was a gift). The bottom line is that there is no real functional difference between the two despite any changes that were made. It is the same book, slightly different. Here is my complaint: this book has quite a few "editors" and "contributors" who seem to be medical students. Great class project and all, but the lack of editing shows a lack of concern from Le, Bhushan, and Hofmann for the quality of the finished product. For example, 2012 had such a list of errata it is hard to believe that anyone checked any facts before printing and selling the product. Although 2013 seems to have fewer errors, it has reprinted some of the exact same ones from 2012! No one even checked the previous errata list? I mean, it was really long and all, but they are asking for more money from us, right?

  • Mindy H - what a ride

    At first I wasn't sure what to expect-the whole step father factor made me a little leery about the relationship, I was relieved when the relationship began before his marriage, or rather business arrangement, to her mother took place. As I read I felt as if I was drowning in emotional baggage from Lola Grace, a little girl growing up with an ice mother and little warmth. Max finds himself unable to walk away from one last fling before signing a life sentence, even for a few months and he found a barely legal cutie. When he meets his new step daughter only to find out it's his sex kitten from the night before. That leads to many ups and down, both bring baggage from the past and new conditions make this a very intense tale.