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  • J. M. Turner - I never feel like I am doing it right

    Not sure about this one. I never feel like I am doing it right. I alsways go back and check it with an ear thermometer and it IS accurate.

  • Kimberly D. - just drink water for 48 hrs

    Seriously this is basically a water diet. You will lose weight, Anyone will lose a few pounds in two days without eating and drinking watered down prune juice. This is a job for a diet and a complete waste of your money. If you want to lose weight over a few days drink water, drink tea, have one cup of fruit juice for the sugar intake to keep you alive.

  • Russell Roach - Great product Amazon slow on shipping

    I have these products from Craven on all of my vehicles, I really like the look. I am not really concerned about reception due to steaming most of my tunes, or sirius be my music source. City dwellers may find no change in reception while more urban or remote locations will in my experience suffer some loss of signal.