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Nutritional Supplements Truths Revealed By An Industry Insider - Discover closely guarded truths about nutritional supplements. Get the answers you need to power your way to awesome health.

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    The formula I purchase is sold by Orksel Inc, but it was fulfilled by Amazon. As a common sense, I usually don't buy food that is near its expiration date, especially when the food is for a newborn. There is nothing wrong with the formula itself if you are going to use it right away. But If your baby is not born yet and you are just preparing, be very careful. I advise that you should call to check the expiration date of the formula you are going to purchase. Even though Amazon offers outstanding customer service, returning items to third party or outside seller could still be hustle and maybe costly.

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  • Samuel J. - Contains practical and actionable information that he's put to good use.

    Bought this for my son who read it cover-to-cover. Contains practical and actionable information that he's put to good use.