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  • Amazon Customer - AWFUL!!!!

    I started the reading the first story, and I stopped about 2 minutes in. It was written in verse, but the meter was terribly off. It nearly killed me. Plus, the story was boring, and it used the same pictures over and over.

  • Bridget Hood - Very happy with my purchase

    Received all 3 codes within minutes with an email from the seller asking if I wanted the cards, very friendly and courteous! Very happy with my purchase!

  • Bill - Almost Great

    Game six of the World Series was one of the greatest in history. It would have been a much better choice than game five of the NLDS.

  • rusted orange - I've heard great things from others

    I've heard great things from others, and this definitely helps with the odor! Easy to use. Not offensive smelling. Unfortunately, our cat continued to urinate inappropriately and we needed more than this to help him. Great size!

  • [lgm] ARTS - Affordable VR!

    For what it is, the PS-VR is awesome and I think that Sony will make a killing off of this headset. This VR-Headset falls in between Pro and beginner Mobile VR. There is a bunch of complaints about the Move-Controllers or regular controllers tracking being a "Hit or Miss," but in my experience I have had virtually no trouble with tracking. Also, for a medium-level-consumer-grade VR-Headset, it is more comfortable than the Oculus Rift. The only real complaint I have with this VR-Headset is the Low Detail from the low resolution and a bit of motion sickness, but motion-sickness is expected with almost all VR; I experienced motion sickness with the Oculus Rift as well. With Oculus and HTC Vive, one needs a beastly PC in order to use Oculus or the Vive, which can cost more than a 500gb PS4 and VR bundle. Additionally, the Headset is very easy to set up because of the Plug-&-Play design and Sony has even included numerical labels to show the user what step is next; however, I did not even use the instructions or looked at the numerical labels to install this unit; any tech savvy teen or adult can use common sense to figure out what plug goes where, if not there are comprehensive instructions located in a VERY LARGE instruction booklet included inside the box or one can always watch a instructional PS-VR installation video on Youtube. I usually do not purchase Tech right off the bat because the price usually drops down significantly after several years, but in this case I compared the price drops from Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which have have stayed steady throughout the years they have been in service; however, I surmise that the Oculus and Vive will drop in price soon or maybe they will come out with their own Medium-Grade-Consumer-Level VR-Headset. Retrospectively, if you have a PS4, and in the market for a VR headset, then PS-VR is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable VR-Headset.

  • Tezza - Norelco has perfected the electric razor.at an amazing price

    I needed a razor to replace my foil razor, which shaved closely but couldn't deal with stubble if I didn't shave for a day or two. I read the reviews on the Norelco 2100 so I thought I'd give it a try.

  • Amazon Customer - My boyfriend even asked to use it!

    I've been using this shampoo for years because my hair is noticeably softer and stronger with it. I enjoy the smell of coconut but this scent is not overpowering it's more of a vanilla coconut if I could describe it. I love that it doesn't contain sulfer and is a more natural alternative.