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Severe Asthma Treatment | NUCALA� (mepolizumab) - Learn more about NUCALA, a monthly injectable prescription medicine that helps prevent severe asthma attacks by reducing eosinophils.

  • http://www.nucala.com/about-nucala/ About NUCALA� (mepolizumab) | Severe Asthma Treatment - Read about how NUCALA can prevent asthma attacks by reducing eosinophils. NUCALA is an injectable monthly treatment for severe asthma, eosinophilic type.
  • http://www.nucala.com/how-nucala-works/ How NUCALA� Works (mepolizumab) | Severe Asthma Treatment - Discover how NUCALA (mepolizumab) is different from other asthma medications and how it prevents severe asthma attacks by reducing eosinophils in your body.
  • http://www.nucala.com/about-nucala/talking-to-your-doctor/ Talk To Your Doctor | NUCALA� (mepolizumab) - Don't know if NUCALA is right for you? Here are some important questions to ask your doctor about your severe asthma and whether NUCALA can help.
  • http://www.nucala.com/getting-started/ Getting Started on NUCALA | NUCALA� (mepolizumab) - Ready to get started with NUCALA? Learn the next steps in your asthma treatment plan and what to expect when you receive your NUCALA injection.
  • http://www.nucala.com/about-severe-asthma/ About Severe Asthma | NUCALA� (mepolizumab) - Learn about severe asthma, the role of eosinophils, and how NUCALA can prevent severe asthma attacks.
  • http://www.nucala.com/savings-and-support/co-pay-program/ Co-pay Program | NUCALA� (mepolizumab) - The $0 Co-pay Program for NUCALA can help with your cost-share. You are eligible if you have private, non-government-funded, commercial insurance.
  • http://www.nucala.com/faqs/ Frequently Asked Questions | NUCALA� (mepolizumab) - Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about NUCALA, severe asthma, insurance coverage and co-pay program, and eosinophils.
  • http://www.nucala.com/savings-and-support/patient-support/ Patient Support | NUCALA® (mepolizumab) - Sign up for various patient support services for NUCALA, whether you're considering NUCALA as a treatment or already have a prescription.

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  • Christopher Oswald - Cheaply made

    Looks great. But as soon as I started putting quarters in it kept ripping. And one quarter didn't want to go in at all then just gave and ended up putting a hole in the folder and now there is a quarter size hole on the cover.

  • krista - Professional!

    This is really Professional. You get the exact temperature reading so much faster! This reminds me of the ear thermometer the nurses use at the Doctors office! I love that it actually comes with batteries! This works and comes with step by step instruction and a manual. This even comes with a personal holding case. The thermometer has a memory recall of 20 previous temperatures and a fever alert, that beeps when a fever is detected. I received this product in order to review. I rate it five stars and recommend it highly!

  • *v* J'e - This process works!

    Oil pulling does help with the whitening of your teeth, but more importantly, it also reduces the germs in your mouth before nightly rest and again in the morning. I feel that my health is much improved since I began this process. Thanks *v* J

  • Brooke - Works great for lifting.

    I shake the bottle and put 3-4 drops on my hands, rub them together, and I'm good to lift. Certainly improves my grip and is 0 mess. Highly recommended.

  • HectorC - Works but products breaks

    It's does work but the product broke at 2 months. The agent I spoke to on the phone said that I needed to buy pads which I did, after just had my brand new gel pads for 1 week. When I got the pads, the belt still didn't work. The second guy said that is has to be the controller. Now 2 weeks after, they are going to replace the controller but not the belt. If the belt still doesn't work when I receive the controller, I have to call them back and get the whole thing replaced, wasting more time. First guy told me I was going to be getting en extra set of pads for free since they were making me buy an extra set that i did not need to purchase. When I spoke to the second customer service rep, he said that they never offer this to anyone. BAD BUSINESS AND BAD PRODUCT!!!

  • Peter A. Labrozzi - Wouldn't tighten, extremely poor quality.

    Ordered one of these from Amazon NOW because I occasionally need to fix something with a socket wrench around my apartment and didn't have a set. I went on the cheap side with these as the times I need them are not very frequent, but I regretted my decision as soon as I received this set.

  • BIG PAPA - This is the BEST AntiVirus program available!!!

    No doubt...no matter what ANYONE ever tells you, this is the Very Best Antivirus program available currently on the market. It runs without using up all your memory just running in the background. It will catch attempts to infect your computer LONG before, sometimes without the others even seeing them...N***on, K******sky, Tr**d, M***ee....These just DO NOT give you the same protection and all will slow down your unit. If you need an AV program for your computer, this is the one! Just try it once...you will never go back to the other major known name brands.