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Nu-Gen Nutrition - Wellness Products, Supplements, Cantron, Apricot Kernels, Rebounders and more. - Welcome to Nu-Gen Nutrition. We provide wellness products and programs for health-minded individuals seeking wellness, desiring to maintain wellness, or pursuing optimal health.

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  • Kelli - Practically Too Thorough

    Very thorough book, which is good. But the online practice test was ridiculously hard and went into way more detail than the actual PCAT did. Honestly, you can skim most of the book and do fine on the exam. It has WAY more info than you need. On the full length practice test from Princeton Review, my composite score was a 60%. On the actual PCAT, my composite was a 99%. I took the practice test three days before my actual PCAT. It is a good place to study, but don't let the amount of material overwhelm. You cannot POSSIBLY learn all what's in the book, and that's okay because the PCAT test-makers know that.

  • Mksiny14 - It WORKS! It REALLY WORKS! Great value!

    Works! Ordered this kit as an add-on item for under $10. I had used Proactiv before; it worked but was expensive. I really wasn't expecting AcneFree to work, but for the price, it was worth a try. For once, I was pleasantly surprised! It works as least as well as Proactiv at a third the price. I will definitely be ordering this again, and I will recommend it to friends.

  • LaMo - I love my straightening brush!!! WORKS great on my fine, long, wavy, curly hair. Love love love!!

    I love this hair straightener. I've read some negative reviews but I guess they don't get it and prefer the damage of a flat iron, like a Chi and the others. My hair is fine, wavy and curly, and VERY thick and LONG. Works just fine for my hair. I LOVE this brush!!

  • T. Hodgson - Amazing

    I didn't order Slim and Sassy from Amazon but ordered it here - because I heard a friend had lost 2 inches in her waist with it after doing a wrap with it over 2 nights. Since I needed to get into a slim fitting dress for a wedding I figured I had nothing to loose. I did 3 nights in a row with S&S and the 4th evening I did a sauna with it and lost a total of 4!! inches. My dress not only fit but it felt a little loose! I am thrilled and now take it daily. I do have to fill a capsule though. Like other reviewers it's a bit strong for me too but don't give up on it entirely because of the flavor.

  • Susie's hubby - Great game

    I'm a septuagenarian that plays Destiny. The latest Rise of Iron is GREAT. I can fall off Felwinter Peak with the best of 'em. Whether you're a PVP player or PVE player Destiny is the game. The community is unlike any other game I've played.