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North Texas Prostate Cancer Coalition - NTxPCC was formed for the purpose of elevating prostate cancer to health priority status in the Texas by providing educational and awareness support.

  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/about-us.php About Us - NTxPCC will support medical institution, speak at community forums on topics related to prostate cancer awareness and survival.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/contributors.php NTxPCC members - Membership of NTxPCC includes prostate cancer support groups and a basketball organization.This page also provides meeting schedules and locations.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/news.php Prostate Cancer News - This page provides links to recently published or news items. A link to older publications leads to news arranged in specific categories in the Archive.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/risk-factors-and-prevention.php Prostate Cancer Risk Factors Prevention - Risk factors are explained, links to pertinent sites are provided. Prostate cancer cannot be prevented. Measures can be taken to reduce the risk.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/screening.php Free Prostate Screenings | Special Events - A number of free prostate cancer screenings are offered in the area. Screening saves lives.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/ndx.php NTXPCC - Newly Diagnosed Programs - Programs specifically designed for men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer with links to relevant pages.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/treatment-options.php NTxPCC - Treatment Options - This page is for men newly diagnosed with prostate cancers. Addressed are prediction models, treatments, questions for your doctor, doctor finder, etc.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/advanced-pc.php Advanced Prostate Cancer - Updated information on dealing with recurrent and advanced prostate cancer is provided.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/links.php Links relevant organizations - Links to other relevant prostate cancer sites as well as cancer survivorship sites. This is provided on the national and local level.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/sponsors.php Sponsors | supporters - A number of area medical facilities and other organizations are supporting NTxPCC by hosting member support groups and providing financial assistance.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/tx-sg.php Texas Support Groups | Prostate Cancer - This page contains a list of prostate cancer support groups in Texas, groups affiliated with Us TOO as well as independent support groups.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/survivor-chat.php Survivor Chat - Face to face survivor chat for newly diagnosed and recurring prostate cancer patients. Every Tuesday at Harris Methodist in Fort Worth.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/plano.php Us TOO Plano - Prostate Cancer Support group at in Plano. members are actively involved in Health Fair and Prostate Cancer Community Events.The group meets at the Cancer Community area on the THR Presbyterian campus in Plano.
  • http://www.ntxpcacoalition.org/presbyterian-dallas.php NTXPCC, Presbyterian, Dallas - Prostate Cancer Support Group at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The group is sponsored by Urology Research and Education Foundation.

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