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NO ! PAZZIA sito sulla pazzia gestito da ex pazzi - sito gestito da ex pazzi; informazione controinformazione e dibattito sulla pazzia; cioè sulla schizofrenia, psicosi, mania, maniaco-depressione, paranoia; linea generale da critica della psichiatria ad antipsichiatrica; aggiornamento mensile con settore interattivo che accetta continuamente contributi da iscritti; forum in linea; propone anche associazione ex usufruitori di servizi psichiatrici ed usufruitori;

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 12.1097 , Italy

  • John Malloy - I received today and it smells ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like frankinsence. NOTHING

    Im not sure how this is rated so high. I received today and it smells ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like frankinsence. NOTHING, nada, not even close, in fact it smells horrendous and leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. Its already in the garbage. Seriously. I may need to buy a new house. Maybe u people dont know what its suppossed to smell like, but its not this by a million miles.

  • q290378gh9f - What were they thinking?

    Razer Synapse, the included macro software, requires an account and phones home all the time and won't work without an internet connection. What an awful way to do things. It turns all your off-line games into games that require an internet connection.

  • Kemberly Martin - Timely & Imformative

    Thomas Horn is such an amazing researcher. This book lacks nothing. It's all there if you have the gutts to read it.

  • Valerijs - Excelent for long range running

    Excelent for long range running. At first were little bit firm, but after some running the insole became very comfortable