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Navamedic - Start - Navamedic ASA is a Norwegian pharmaceutical products company, marketing and distributing more than 120 products in the Nordic and Benelux markets. Navamedic ASA, with its HQ based in Lysaker, Norway is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: NAVA).

  • http://www.navamedic.com/portfolio/ Portfolio - Navamedic - Navamedic ASA is a Norwegian pharmaceutical products company, marketing and distributing more than 120 products in the Nordic and Benelux markets. The Company operates in four business areas; Pharma Products, Medical Nutrition, Consumer Care and Medte…
  • http://www.navamedic.com/investor-relations/ Investor relations - Navamedic - Navamedic ASA aims to generate shareholder value by becoming an international pharmaceutical company.
  • http://www.navamedic.com/about-navamedic/ About Navamedic - Navamedic - Navamedic ASA (Navamedic) is a Norwegian pharmaceutical company that inlicenses and/ or buys and markets pharmaceuticals and other health care products in northern Europe.
  • http://www.navamedic.com/about-sippi/ About Sippi® - Navamedic - Navamedic Medtech are proud to release our first product to the healthcare market.
  • http://www.navamedic.com/about-navamedic/business-development/ Business Development - Navamedic - The preferred Nordic partner for your pharmaceutical or medical device product.
  • http://www.navamedic.com/portfolio/our-products/ Our products - Navamedic - The portfolio includes generic, branded and patented pharmaceuticals as well as medical devices. The products are sold to hospitals, through pharmacies and directly to medical professionals. The Consumer care product portfolio includes a var…
  • http://www.navamedic.com/portfolio/medtech/ Medtech - Navamedic - Navamedic Medtech's vision is to develop innovative medical technology products that benefit patients and healthcare professionals. We at Navamedic Medtech have one strong credo: We help our customers and their patients through the design of innovati…
  • http://www.navamedic.com/portfolio/medical-nutrition/ Medical nutrition - Navamedic - The Medical nutrition business segment is based on the sale of products for the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). It includes the distribution agreement with the UK based Company Vitaflo International ltd for the Nordic region. Vitaflo In…
  • http://www.navamedic.com/newsroom/commences-distribution-of-imdur-in-europe/ Commences distribution of Imdur® in Europe - Navamedic - Oslo, 22 September 16 2016 – Navamedic ASA (Navamedic), the Norwegian medtech and pharmaceutical products company, today announced it has commenced distribution of angina prevention medicine, Imdur® (isosorbide mononitrate), in the Nordic markets. The …
  • http://www.navamedic.com/gelorevoice/ GeloRevoice® - Navamedic - GeloRevoice ® relieves throat maladies such as hoarseness, throat irritation, tickly throat and dry mucous membranes, which lead to a sore throat or an unproductive, dry cough.

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  • Lexi Hale - These were a great alternative. I know these are not marketed as ...

    I am really liking these so far. I really didn't want to do the "pre-workout" shake thing because drinking that much before a workout makes me nauseous. These were a great alternative. I know these are not marketed as a pre workout but I felt like these gave me a little more energy to get through my workouts. Hoping that they will give me some decent results after a bit.

  • Randy - H&R Bock has lost a customer

    I have used H&R Block for at least the last 10 years to do my taxes, and had never had an issue with the software until this year.

  • Linda - Great book, great knowledge within.

    White's no nonsense voice and witty wisdom are here in every sentence. If you know zippo about astrology of any kind, there is much here to learn and enjoy while learning. If you are a Master Astrologer, there's a good bit here for you, too. White is, to my knowledge, the only astrologer to combine and make sense of Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology. I predict (and suggest) you will also be getting her other books. Start with THE NEW ASTROLOGY. If you want to know what 2016 will be like for you and all you know...get this book. Now.

  • J.T. in Cary, NC - An ideal way to prep wills, POAs, etc.

    This is a great way to prep complete estate wills, living wills, powers of attorney, etc,. particularly for people with uncomplicated needs and distributions. It also has complete instructions on preparing, notarizing, filing and legal requirements & issues. I've used WillMaker for about 10 years and love it.

  • Nettabird - I LOVE THIS THING.

    This is awesome! I hit the button when my toddler (who is afraid of it, but she'll get used to it) and I leave the apartment and when we come back there are fresh vacuum lines all over the carpets! Helps me keep clutter off the floor, too, since I know it's going to hit everywhere. Now I'm looking at a scooba too. Soon as I have more than 20 square feet of linoleum...

  • Kindle Customer K Barnett - Very good story

    Well plotted, interesting characters and charming location. Looking forward to rest of Series. Read the book all in one evening.

  • Sopostmodern - Really like it.

    I really like this cleanser. It is a little bit mild for my tastes, that is why I didn't give it five stars. It does a great job, but doesn't leave my skin feeling as clean and refreshed as I would like it. The results are great though, so it is worth it for me!