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    I bought the big bottle in case i had to redo. HOTTUB was leaking .. I followed the directions and it seemed . ( to my amazement ) work great.. After about two months it began to leak as bad or worse again so I treated again and AGAIN it seems to have stopped the leak. WE shall see. It is amazin how you cna put this into that volume of water and it can find and stop the leak.. This has been a frustrating exspensive process and this little bottle worked better than all the contractors and Pool places I attempted to use to get help..

  • C. Leigh - Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey

    My husband was told that he had h-pylori last year. I have to mention he also suffers from acid reflux and ibs. After a antibiotic treatment that consisted of 4500 mgs a day for 2 weeks the stubborn h-pylori was not affected and the burning from his throat to his bowels was still very present. I researched herbal remedies and found that this honey was a cure for most of what he suffered from. I said what do we have to lose. The antibiotics made him so sick he was not willing to go another round to hope they would get rid of it. So we ordered this honey and started the slow process of healing. I also have to mention that he did have a severe case of infection that had been prolonged over several years. The honey started to work after the first couple jars or about 2 tbls a day. Needless to say today after 3 months he is h-pylori free and he continues to take it for his acid reflux. It does everything it says. He takes it regularly and I would not be without it ever. It has made the difference in his and my life to be able to be pain free for the first time in years. Make sure you get 16 plus to get the full benefits. You wont be sorry.

  • K Doug - Rust-oleum Countertop Transformations

    This was a great idea! We weren't sure how nice it would look, but it really looks nice. It was fun and easy to apply and much less expensive than ripping out our old countertop and buying a new one to install. It's also cheaper than tiling over our ugly laminate countertop and has a very nice texture. Very very happy with our purchase. Would recommend it and use it again.

  • waleee - lazy?

    i have the hardcopy of first aid 2011 and then bought the kindle edition but what made disappointed is the way they handled charts and tables scanned and placed and to make it worse a low resolution which looks so bad when zooming.plz amazon we are payimg the same as the hardcopy plz we expect high quality product

  • Dan W. - This stuff works great. It does wear off

    This stuff works great. It does wear off, and nothing will numb certain areas completely, but it helps--a lot. I had a big chest peice done and used hush. I followed the directions and used about 2/3 of a bottle and wrapped it in plastic wrap. It was about 1.5-2 hours later that the tattoo actually got started--not the one hour the directions say. I could barely feel anything for the first hour or so until my sternum started getting done. That was bad, real bad, but it think it would have been completely unbearable otherwise.