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Center for Narrative Practice - The mission of the Center for Narrative Practice is to work with narrative and creativity to make the world more humane, accepting, and moral, and to aid individuals in becoming more engaged participants in their lives and careers.

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  • Embryo - This is a truly frightening work of fiction!

    It is a truly frightening work of fiction by this well known sociopath, socialist and communist. OMG are we in trouble if this pair sees the White House. I thought Bill was bad. He must have gotten tips from Hillary. Don't bother reading this. Amazon will change my rating from one star to five anyway.

  • pragmatic_insanities - Very relaxing

    This tea is perfect right before bed. The chamomile and other ingredients help you to let go of your days stresses as the warmth of the tea fills your body. I feel I sleep better when I drink this tea. The tea is VERY good tasting. Even if it did not have the relaxing effects I would still buy this tea, even if it did not have the relaxing effects, just for the taste. Add this tea to your nightly routine and you won't be sorry.

  • Robert Kramer - only way to really safe money is to not buy this product

    Sounded like a good idea. No more buying bottles of Sparkling water and always have Soda flavors when in need of a cola or sprite.

  • S. Z. - Tasted horrible! I'm one that have tried everything once to ...

    Tasted horrible! I'm one that have tried everything once to lose weight & I did a cleanse years ago with a shake that smelled & tasted like the worst fish ever...& I did it for a month! This...couldn't even drink one! It was disgusting!

  • S. Nelson - Will buy again next year!

    I like the ability to color instead of doodle when I am on the phone waiting on hold for making appointments. The calendar is great to keep our busy family on schedule. Folds flat that makes it easy to write in.

  • Rose A. Wilcox - Effective health supplement

    This product is one I re-order frequently. It is good to have on hand to stave off a cold. I like the convenience of ordering it online instead of having to go to the Naturopath's to pick it up!

  • areadizant - A miracle!

    One of our two cats, Moz, has an EXTREMELY thick coat. It's medium length, but it seems to multiply with every brush! He's not especially fond of most brushes we use on him, he prefers to bite them instesd of being brushed, but he LOVES this one. The first time I used it, he sat there for 10 full minutes while I brushed handfuls upon handfuls of fur out of his coat... When I went to put it away, he meowed and followed me (clearly very upset with me) and then sat by the cupboard meowing some more so I'd pull it back out. Now I know if I ever need him to be somewhere, I just pull out that brush and he'll be there instantly. Really not exaggerating, he loves it more than anything EVER.