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  • Kiki - Ready for the holiday light show

    After seeing this type of laser lights at a botanical gardens light show last holiday, we decided that we needed to invest in this type of light for our own yard. We have moved and left most our holiday displays behind so the thought of replacing so many strings of lights was daunting. Not to mention that as we get older taking hours to put up and take down lights has really lost its appeal. Who we kidding nobody likes to spend so much time putting up lights! We had been seeing TV commercial for this type of light so that got us to investigating. While it might seem they are all created equal, in reality they aren't. I was able to purchase these lights at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. This was in no way free to me. I did make a fairly large investment and could have chosen to review a light at a significantly cheaper price but I chose this one after carefully reviewing what i considered to be the best constructed and warranted. This has a remote that can be used to sync with another device when I buy another light. The biggest factor in why I chose this one is that it is constructed of metal. It has some substance to it and I think will last longer than a plastic version. It is a textured copper color paint. In the winter when the grass is dormant and brown this will blend in better than a black one. I think it will weather better too and not fade like a black one would. Since this type laser light replaces so many strings I consider this an investment piece and am willing to pay more for something I think will last for years. This comes with an antenna remote that controls the colors either all red or green or a combination of both. The green is the dominant color when the colors are blended. It can have a steady lights or blink at different rates. We have high ceilings inside our house and have enjoyed using it indoors to to dance to. We got that idea at our local karaoke bar. The TV commercial brand is $50 plus shipping and they don't say what is made of. I always prefer to buy on Amazon because I know if the product isn't up to expectations they will take it back. Another thing that impressed me with this Crgpro is the customer service is from the US and has a 1 year warranty.The remote has a button for blue but this is not RGB just red and green. I so excited to have this for the holidays and plan to purchase another.

  • M. Armstrong - A real, unpaid review.

    I paid actual money for this - unlike most of the reviews here which were given the item for free in exchange for a review.

  • Anon User - Not worth any price.

    Ive had a set of these tires twice. First time was on my GMC Sierra V6 with 275-55-20 tires and now with my Saturn Aura four cylinder with 225-50-18. I bought both vehicles used with these tires mounted already. The biggest knock on the tires is it's poor traction in wet weather. In many cases simply accelerating at a very gradual, normal rate will still send the tires spinning (in my car!) and that's just ridiculous. Also, the sidewall is very soft and will develop cracks within a few years especially if they're being exposed to the sun 7 days a week. And no, I don't use any shine products on the sidewalls as these chemicals tend to cause all sorts of cracking and what not. I learned that on my first car. Also,Considering the cost of comparable but better quality Bridgestones and Falkens that tend to be in the ball park (if not cheaper) to what these cost, I just can't recommend these tires at all. Shop around. Do not assume that the Goodyear name means performance and quality across it's entire line of tires. You'll be disappointed.

  • Urik - Excellent product!

    Excellent product!!!! The entire school had success with this stuff. The women were extremely helpful anytime we called for advice or info.

  • Angela Stutes - WASTE of MONEY!!!

    You will only get to take this medication for 5 days. There are 30 pills in this bottle. You take 2 pills 3 times a day. Therefore you would need at least 6 bottles for just one month. I feel deceived.