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  • mrmertz - Defective From The Get Go

    Flame away, but when you spend good money for a product that is defective right out of the box, no excuses. The MOBO refuses to recognize ANY RAM sticks no matter how any different swaps you make from the right back over to the left side. BIOS won't even acknowledge there are even slots with RAM to the left of the CPU at all either. No errors, just no RAM will be recognized on the first four banks. Eliminated bad RAM, running latest BIOS installed - nothing. Shows 8GB when it should out of the box show 16GB. Obviously this board is having teething pains. order a replacement board through Amazon so we will see how this one works. If it does what it's supposed to do, I think it has great potential particularly for overclocking and stability. But for now, throwing good money out for a defect just doesn't cut it no matter how good the board is SUPPOSED to be. What good is the hype if it doesn't work? This is just my experience with this one particular board. Maybe another might change my mind.

  • R. Ellis - Garbage, don't bother.

    This irritates your scalp and drys your hair out.. So even though it's probably increasing growth, your hair looks thinner. It took three haircuts to undo the damage this crap did to my hair! It was so dry and fine that I looked worse than I did before I started all of this. I recommend just going for the actual product in the aerosol container (almost like moose from the 90s). If you use them properly, the 3 containers (3month supply) lasts somewhere between 6 months and a year.

  • Eric A. Anderson - Tennis in the heat will never be the same

    I lost a close USTA flex match the other day after having a hard time holding on to my racket. The heat was in the 90s and the humidity was almost unbearable.

  • Michael Jermane - If you want bluetooth ear buds buy these!

    I'm a very active 73 year old man who loves to workout, ride motorcycles, ski ect. I lost my LG infinim bluetooth head phones. I wanted something that I could use to workout, ski and ride my dirt motorcycle. I read the reviews and bought the Senso active buds. I really like the sound quality and volume that I can get with these Sensos.

  • Anthony E. - Best product out there.

    I installed my Blaster-X taillight by Custom LED a week ago and I cannot imagine still using the boring stock tail light. It's extremely bright and I love the different options for brake light patterns. It gives me peace of mind that I'm less likely to get rear ended at a stop light because my brakes are flashing and even strobing when I have my turn signals on.

  • kdfuser - I don't understand how this trap could have worked for others

    This trap is useless to my squirrels situation. And I don't understand how this trap could have worked for others, either.

  • Amazon Customer - All Star Sleeve Patch

    Perfect on my Paul Konerko and Chris Sale White Sox All-Star player jerseys (left sleeve) -- covered hard plastic back with light fabric square, heated for 2min on Cotton setting, peeled off hard plastic while hot, stuck on jersey while still warm, then sewed in place after cooled.