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Locum Doctor Agency - Hospital and GP - MP Locums - MP Locums is an approved Framework supplier to the NHS in Scotland and England. Locum jobs available for all grades and specialties across the UK.

  • http://www.mplocums.com/about/ How we place hospital locum doctors and GP locums - As a small, specialist Doctors Locum Agency we quickly understand where you like to work & your availability. It's a very personal service
  • http://www.mplocums.com/hospital-doctors/ MP Locums, a specialist Hospital Doctor Agency - As a locum hospital doctor, MP Locums will work with you to meet your professional goals and ambitions, matching these to your qualifications & experience.
  • http://www.mplocums.com/gp-locums/ GP Locums contact MP Locums today for work placements - As a specialist GP locum agency, MP Locums will work with you closely. Our service is outstanding, we strive to place you where and when you want to work.
  • http://www.mplocums.com/refer-a-friend/ Locum doctors work refer a friend scheme - mp locums refer a friend scheme for doctors locums UK, once your friend works 40 hours in our medical locum agency
  • http://www.mplocums.com/testimonials/ Doctor Testimonials for MP Locums - MP Locums is a medical locum agency and proud of its customer service. We value all feedback in the form of testimonials, comments and suggestions

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  • Craig O. - Nice

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  • Leanna M. Nocita - A Must Read, Really...

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