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Home - Mondragon Assembly - Automated Turnkey Solutions for industry. Specialized in design, production and installation of a wide range of equipment for assembly process automation.

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  • Amazon Customer - I'm pretty sure I got the correct product (white beige color)

    I got this product, and it is not as moisturizing as other people said. I'm pretty sure I got the correct product (white beige color), and it did next to nothing that any normal conditioner wouldn't do for my hair. I have long hair, so the ends get really dry, and this stuff just did not cut it. For the price, it's not worth it.

  • Keith - I have used these about 20 times. The do ...

    I have used these about 20 times. The do the trick for me when cutting my hair. I gave them three stars because you get what you pay for. Sometimes they don't provide the smoothest cut. You have to know the texture of your hair and go from there. If you have a rough texture then buy the upgraded model. Don't just take the cheap route. With all that being said these are worth the low price.

  • Laura Martin - Superior quality to the cheap store bought lights!!

    I love lining my front sidewalk with solar lights but have had real issues with the inexpensive ones you get at places like walmart for $1-2 each light. Many times they don't charge well during the day, I have some lights that die and no longer work just days after buying them, and the lights tend to be dim. Every night I have at least 3-4 of my lights that do not work. Frustrating!