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Secrets of Mind and Reality - The integrated subjects of the mind and reality are Consciousness, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Philosophy, Law of Attraction and Reality Creation.

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  • A. Thomas - 8 YR INFUSION USER!!!

    I am in love with this stuff! I have used it for about ummm 8 years now. I use it every day after my shower. My hair is naturally wavy. If I want straight hair it protects it from humidity. Before my hair would get fuzzy and POOOF! This stuff makes my hair super silky and soft. It keeps my hair from drying out! A bottle lasts forever too!

  • Henry E. Davis - The Ninja BL771 1500 Watts Mega Blender

    I had watched the infomercial for some months but was a little sceptical about what I saw, being aware of the cosmetics of some of these information videos. Nevertheless, I decided to give the blender system a try. So in December 2012 I purchased one from Amazon. It arrived sometime later, well packaged and in excellent condition. We looked at the infomercial again and doubted that it could produce dough in the time shownin the vodeo. Much to our surprise, it did just as demonstrated in the video. We have since used it for everything in the kitchen for many kinds of juices, ice cream, cocount grating and much more. We no longer use Lux or Kitchen Aid for preparing dough. The Ninja is much quicker. My wife who at the beginning doubted the capability of the system, now swears by it. We both agree that the Ninja Mega Blender, while an excellent addition to any modern day kitchen, will occupy the same place of honour in any commercial setting where food preparation is the principal undertaking. We love our Ninja system and ask,"Why was it so late in coming." One word of caution, though-the blades-, they are very sharp. So exercise due caution when you are washing then.

  • Briel Driscoll - In theory AWESOME, in actuality frustrating

    This phone in theory is a really nice easy to use and well set up smartphone. If it worked properly all the time I would give it five starts. However, the phone has some serious issues that started displaying themselves a few weeks after I got it: constantly getting messages about different applications and phone functions "closing" "stopped" etc. Also, the speaker in this phone is a bit off, sometimes it works great and sometimes it is impossible to hear people on the other end and it turns itself off a good bit. I did not water damage or drop my phone, after looking at other peoples reviews it seems like the same problems are happening for a lot of people. This phone was new on the market, I think next time I will purchase a phone that has been around longer and has been tried and true. I am sad to say this phone is inconstant.

  • Toshiaki Takenaka - Can't go wrong

    I had the same brand on my 06 Accord, 05 TL and in my brother's 09 TL-SH; now on my 13 Accord and they fit nice, good quality and they are great in the winter (snow, water, mud)...

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome Keyboard, Bad Switches?

    This is generally a very nice mechanical keyboard. I have owned many different Razer products in the past and I have never had an issue with any of them. (Except this one, See Below) I really like Razers color scheme with the matte black and acid green. I can see where some may not and it is not for everyone. I guess that is where the Chroma models come in.

  • Stacie Bookhagen - Gets super close!

    I bought this for my dad for Father's Day and he said this is the best trimmer he has ever used and is even better than the one his barber uses! He said it gets so close that you would almost think it is a regular blade razor.

  • MizMay - Great stuff!

    I've been using the regenerating serum for several months. I bought it to minimize wrinkles and sagging around my neck and to smooth the crepe skin on my decollete. I then started using it all over my face. Why not? Only a dot of serum will cover my entire face. I'm a realist and know that the only way I can get rid of all this is plastic surgery, but Dr. Wexler's skin regenerating serum is the next best thing. My wrinkles are smoothed almost all of the way out; however, if I don't use it on a daily basis, guess what? They're back! My face looks radiant. The only thing the serum does not do is take away the sagging under my chin, but I don't think the serum is intended to do that. So I'll be hunting for something else. In the meantime, it's all the way with Dr. Wexler.