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  • Dani - Large is really really huge and spacious!

    I suggest getting a medium if it's for a school bag or a simple messenger bag. For me, a large was way too big for my needs. I could fit 3 text books and clothes and amongst other things but then again it depends on how much you want to carry. The only thing I have an issue with is the compression strap. When I use the compression strap the strap just hangs and sometimes gets caught on my back wheel when biking.

  • Alisha Storie - Plenty of storage on the bottom, the sun shade ...

    Plenty of storage on the bottom, the sun shade protects the baby/child very well. Rides smoothly. My only complaint is the back of the stoller (the seat part) sits really far back so if my son wants to sit up and eat a snack off the tray, there is nothing to really lean on but otherwise, we've been using this for 17 months now with no issues

  • Amazon Customer - Its PERFECT to load up some waters and Gatorade

    This cooler bag is AHHHHH-MAZING!!! I got it for my 12 year old son when he started playing competitive basketball bc I didn't want it leaking on the gym floor. Its PERFECT to load up some waters and Gatorade, throw it on your back and go!! It's pretty thick so drinks stay nice and chilled. I've been super impressed with it and even ordered another one for our older boy as well!!!

  • Ruza Rebel - Isabella Sterling ROCKED this Step-Father story!

    Max and Lola Grace meet up at a bar and have a HOT hook-up! Before Lola Grace leaves she puts her number in Max's phone with the name Kitten. This is Max's last fling before he has to get married. Mind you the marriage is under duress. Max's wife Annabel sets up a lunch so he can meet her daughter. Now he's thinking this is a child, and got the shock of his life when Lola Grace walks in. She is just as surprised, and super pissed that Max is married to her mother. The marriage is to make Annabel look better for her Mayoral candidacy.

  • Renay West - Buy it from a local Retailer

    After reading all of the reviews, especially those who have had such a difficult time getting the company to truly stand behind their product, thought I'd pipe in with my own suggestion---buy it from Bed, Bath & Beyond or another local retailer...they will stand behind their return policy for this product. I checked to confirm that before buying the Back2Life....thankfully, it has made a difference in my L4-L5-S1 back pain and I haven't wanted to return the item for a refund...but it was good peace of mind knowing that the retailer (Bed, Bath & Beyond) would actually refund the purchase if it didn't work for me.

  • Nate G - Perfect product for a lost hub cap

    This is a perfect product to replace a lost hub cap from your sienna minivan. Rather than looking like a cheap dork that cannot keep from hitting curbs and knocking off hubcaps, cover up your mistakes by buying these. Snap them on and, voilia! You look like you can drive again.