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  • https://www.mikelewisattorneys.com/our-practice/attorney-malpractice/ Attorney Malpractice Lawyers | Mike Lewis Attorneys - If you believe that your lawyer was incompetent while handling your litigation and you suffered damages as a result, legal resources may be available to you.
  • https://www.mikelewisattorneys.com/our-practice/motorcycle-accident-attorney/ Motorcycle Accident Lawyers | Mike Lewis Attorneys - Mike Lewis Attorneys has represented countless motorcycle accident victims. They have what it takes to get you the money you need to recover.
  • https://www.mikelewisattorneys.com/our-practice/nursing-home-abuse-attorney/ Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers | Mike Lewis Attorneys - At Mike Lewis Attorneys, we have the experience and resources to help you fight for the safety of elderly family and friends in Winston-Salem and Greensboro
  • https://www.mikelewisattorneys.com/our-practice/premises-liabilty/ Premises  Liability Attorneys | Mike Lewis Attorneys - The legal team of Mike Lewis Attorneys will help you or your loved one if you were injured on another person’s property. Submit a FREE Case Evaluation here!
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  • https://www.mikelewisattorneys.com/our-practice/wrongful-death-attorney/ Wrongful Death Attorney | Mike Lewis Attorneys - At Mike Lewis Attorneys, our North Carolina wrongful death attorney team at our Winston-Salem and Greensboro locations can help you deal with the stress involved in wrongful death situations.
  • https://www.mikelewisattorneys.com/our-attorneys/ Our North Carolina Attorneys | Mike Lewis Attorneys - Mike Lewis Attorneys is composed of a group of experienced and talented lawyers. Through the years Mike Lewis and his fellow associates have become well known for their caring attitude and commitment to their clients.
  • https://www.mikelewisattorneys.com/our-attorneys/kara-mcivor/ Winston-Salem Personal Injury Lawyers | Mike Lewis Attorneys - Ask Mike - Do you have a legal question? Attorney Mike Lewis can provide accurate answers to your legal questions. You may also call our office at 336-765-7777.
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