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Home - The Michigan Homebrew Festival(MHF) is a state wide homebrewing event, which strives to unite the homebrew community for a weekend of celebration.

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  • Oregon Librarian - I am disappointed with the dearth of coverage in this edition

    I am disappointed with the dearth of coverage in this edition. I checked back to the 2005 PDR, and it had 3,440 pages. This one is only 2,500, and I can't find many of the common medications I used to be able to find. This will be the last edition I purchase for our library.

  • Southern Cookie - Product does what it is supposed to, and does it well

    Have reviewed this product in a different size. Love it. Does not make my fine hair flatten out, look greasy or do anything bad. It does make the hair stronger while almost completely eliminating breakage. Forgot to pack it for a week long vacation, will never make that mistake again. The difference was very noticeable. Expensive and worth every penny. Like the pump bottle, easier to handle.

  • mwreview - "Man proposes [God disposes]" ---diary entry

    Endurance by Alfred Lansing was first published in 1959. The copy I have is a 26th printing which indicates how popular this book has been. It is an adventure story that is entirely historical. It covers the 1914/15 attempt of explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew of 27 to be the first to cross the Antarctic continent overland west to east. This goal was interrupted for good when their ship, the Endurance, became trapped in ice in the Weddell Sea. The call for adventure soon became a constant struggle for survival that lasted ten months. The crew set up camp on various ice floes only to be forced to move when the dreaded cracks appeared. Their progress towards land is controlled by the direction and force of the gales. Conditions change almost daily in the chaotic and brutal Antarctic climate. When the ice floes were no longer an option, the crew set out in three small boats taken on the voyage hoping to find land. Once land was found, the crew split up as six members took one of the small boats into the dreaded Drake Passage in the hopes of finding help. Both groups were in danger of not surviving the unforgiving environment.

  • Marion M - Five Stars

    Great price, great reading. I have been reading this magazine 30 years ago and stopped, resumed again this year!

  • CindyP - It was kinda funny and tricky to get it programmed

    This is a quality product. I had been struggling with my original factory remote for my truck as the button were worn out. I thought I had to buy an expensive one from the dealer, so I just kept trying to use the old one.