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  • Sagar - Nice Book

    Great book really gave me motivation and confidence for the real test! I would recommend this to anyone looking to kick ass on the act

  • Audrey - This could be a much better game if...

    I purchased this game for my kids for Christmas this year. Opened the box and saw the new "fire & ice" tokens and read the rules, and off we went. We are a household of rules, and the truth is, this game doesn't cover half of the things that can occur and how to handle them with the new tokens. For example, if you are the only pawn out of a "safe" area and you have an ice token, if you draw a card to move the ice token where do you put it? You can't place it on a "safe" pawn so do you discard it into the middle or are you forced to keep the ice token? This is just ONE example of about 5 different situations we've had, and we've only played the game two times. We've started listing our own rules, but were disappointed to find that the rules for the tokens were so vague. Note to Hasbro: How about you play the game a few times before you release it!

  • Judy Musi - Overpriced and dangerous

    Overpriced and dangerous. Some people may be fine with this product but for those of you that have an allergic reaction, look out. I used this product for three days and woke up with facial burns. I stopped using it immediately and said “that’s a shame I had an allergic reaction”. However, after another two days my skin started to peel and the redness just got worse. So I saw my doctor and he informed me that the cream burnt my skin. The sting I feel when just water hits my face and don’t let the sun hit it.

  • Dee N - Okay, it works, but the company has no customer service

    Okay, so you can get adequate phone service from Magic Jack Plus if you can avoid being billed multiple times (I had five orders billed to my account for one unit). Attempting to get customer service was totally frustrating. Each time, my chat was routed to a second tier customer service rep who would promise me repeatedly that the problem would get fixed. Each time I was promised that I would receive an email. A month later, I'm still trying to get it fixed after five "live chats" (there is no such thing as talking to a person at Magic Jack). Lots of promises and no delivery.