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  • Mr Pink - Too costly for what they are.

    At $2, these would be over priced. All the kids want 'em though. Can't really even play with 'em, just collect n such.

  • Mommy of twins - Combi Twin Sport Review

    Wonderful stroller. We really did love it for our 1 year old twins, but the small basket underneath was a dealbreaker for us :( I gave it only 1 star because a decent sized basket is one of the major things I'm looking for in a stroller. I wish the basket was more accessible and a tiny bit bigger to drop my Vera diaper bag in. Other than that, our girls loved it. We returned it and bought a Peg Perego double and LOVE it. The It folds even smaller than the Combi, the shades have amazing coverage, and the basket is huge and accessible.

  • jedcline - Just shaking this bar is helpful, surprisingly

    The Yuen Method Fitness Bar is a new kind of thing for me, but it looked interesting to me, and I know Dr. Yuen is innovative and competent. The lack of instructions other than to just shake the bar, seems uncertain, but I have found that indeed, just shaking the bar for two or three minutes at a time several times a day, one needs variety and so just naturally starts shaking it in many different ways. And, I have come to realize it has indeed helped my neurophysiology in subtle ways, very worthwhile.

  • Michael - Good product

    I liked the fact that the product is reasonably well constructed, and is not as expensive as some of the others on the market. The part that tucks under the shingles should be thinner, or the product re-desiged so it's not tucked under the shingles. Tucking under the shingles is probably ok for steep roofs. I opted not to tuck it under the shingles (4:12 roof), and modified the screens using an alternate solution.

  • kitchengenius - it just needs a little refinement

    after using this product, I realized something, its a bitch to sharpen, after I cut my first 342,988 bananas, I noticed its edge was going bad. I tried using my automated knife sharpener on it and all the blades are gone. huh, I guess I will let you all know, dont try to sharpen the banana slicer. oh, and dont ever try to cut a hot dog with it, its not a hot dog slicer you caveman.

  • jane bouck - Everyone should read...

    This book should be required reading for all Christians. It is very informative and also gives us an answer. It is the only way out of our situation that has no way out!

  • stevenf16506 - Wanted To Like It

    I really wanted to like this book.I gave up on it after the after the sex scene in the tub of medical gel. Was it a fantasy? A telepathic manipulation? A rape? It was just godawful.