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Medopad - Medopad is the most advanced enterprise mobile healthcare solution wrapped into a beautifully simple design.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -79.3936 Ontario, Canada

  • Jane Starkes - Ships for FREE with Amazon Prime!

    I am SOOOO glad I have Amazon Prime. The cost of shipping this 189.2 pound behemoth otherwise might have made it cost prohibitive for me.

  • Billie Andersson - This is the perfect instrument for an 8 year old who lives in ...

    This is the perfect instrument for an 8 year old who lives in a Brooklyn apartment on the third floor. It is what we needed. You cannot expect the sound of a "real" piano but it does the trick.

  • Susan Jenkins - The quality of this Bluetooth headset is very good

    cumbersome at all. When I got the head phones I plugged them in to charge, with the included wire and then set it up with no problems at all, all the instructions are included. Then I took the head phones out for a test run. I went out on my bike and used the head phones to make a couple of calls and to listen to music and was very happy with it. It was quite a windy day and I was worried that the people I was calling wouldn?t be able to hear me, but they said they had no problems at all. The sound quality from the headphones is really great. You can use them in very loud areas and they do a very good job reducing background noise. Over all the product is well made and I would recommend it for anyone looking for so,e quality headphones.

  • JEAN VANCE - Gilmour Flexogen

    I am 87 yrs old and have used garden hose for at least 65 years put up with kinks and heavy rubber finally bought my first Flexogen about 30 yrs ago best non kink and long lasting hose I have ever owned and thier warranty is unbeatable.

  • ginger AZ - For best reception keep away from sources of disturbance such as ...

    You must live within 35 miles of the broadcasting towers or it will not work. To check the distance from your location to the nearest broadcasting towers, go to www.antennaweb.org. For best reception keep away from sources of disturbance such as large electric electrical appliances such as air conditioners, elevators, washing machines, blowers or microwaves.

  • Jenna - but it was of poor quality. I would recommend simply buying it directly ...

    I have used this moisturizer before, but when I opened this particular package, it smelled a little strange (as if it was old/gone bad). I still tried it for ~1 week on my face and, although it felt a little bit stickier than normal, it was okay. However, after a few days of using it, I noticed that I was breaking out a lot (which normally never happens to me), primarily underneath my cheekbones. Therefore, I stopped using it for a few days and noticed it clearing up. I tried resuming the use on this, but I started breaking out again.