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Welcome to MediSwitch - When it comes to switching electronic transmissions between healthcare professionals and medical schemes, MediSwitch claims first place.

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  • SF Beach - Office 2016: Poor Quality Product.

    I've been using MS Office for two decades. The last good one is the 2003 version. I skipped the 2007 version, because that one crashed all my VBA macro due to the Chinese characters in the modules. Then came the 2010 and 2013. They were very slow and unnecessarily complicated the chart formatting. No deal with those. Now I installed the bundled Office 2016 Home & Student in my new laptop. The charts look awful. When I try to edit the line markers, I could not tell the difference among the selection drop down list, because they are just the dark red and dark green mix. This poor quality product should not have come from Microsoft.

  • Jarrett - It is very pretty, well made

    I purchased this Mojave medium bag for a young female college bound student. It is very pretty, well made, included the bike strap and looks very stylish. I researched the purchase thoroughly and am happy with my choice. Hopefully she will like it as well and get many years of use from this book bag. Only time will tell.

  • Choosey Shoppa - Loving my Notebook

    I had to finally update myself and give up on my Windows Vista desktop. The first thing I said, after I set this up was "why didn't I do this sooner"!!!! I guess I was stuck in my old ways. SO VERY DELIGHTED with my notebook. It's fast, easy, responsive, & a great value. I love the fact that I'm no longer confined in one area..

  • Vicky Toshach - Battery Life Is Bad

    I love the thought of this but I had to give it up. iHealth was very nice and sent me a new one when I told them my battery keeps dying within a month or two. There is no way to recharge it. They told me that had heard of this issue and sent me a new one. But that also died within a month or two.