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    City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

  • dannette carey - Does help create fuller brows where there is already eyebrow growth.

    I have actually noticed my eyebrows being thicker than normal while using this product. Where there is already hair, I noticed further growth and also new growth, which was awesome! My eyebrows do look fuller, like the product advertised.

  • Sparkasaur - Not too be taken seriously.

    This book feels like it was written for teenagers. The language is oversimplified, and sometimes sounds downright unintelligent. The writer literally used the contraction "gonna" in the logic reasoning section. There are also too many references to the writer's personal opinion on matters.

  • Wind - Worked four out of four times!!

    Works every time. Great product. I've used it twice and recommended to two other people. They both passed and I passed both times. We all got great paying jobs. We even quit smoking after getting this chance at more money. It works even when you smoked the night before.

  • mkr2015 - Returned, see reveiw, CS is AWESOME

    I believe the belt works, meaning it is doing something. Contracts your muscles as if you are doing sit ups. I am not over weight but am at the edge of being over weight based on the BMI scale. I did not push in on my stomach prior to use but I did feel that MAYBE I was firming up. However, as I have read on other reviews if you have ANY body fat I am not sure you would notice any muscle firmness. So I did end of returning the belt after an extended use. I was disappointed I did not see results I had hoped for. HOWEVER, I have to say the Customer Service at the Flex Belt is incredible. I wish they could train other companies. The CS was nice, polite, professional and offered me options to see if I would end up liking the belt. However, when I did decide finally to return it I was authorized to return it no questions. I can't say enough about the CS and that is what I do for a living. If you are considering trying this belt I would say try it. The site says you will not lose weight or fat and I agree but they do tell you this up front. If you have VERY LITTLE to no body fat I could see you seeing some visual results. Do not have much of a stomach but what is there is "flabby". Muscle MAY have firmed up under the layer of flab but there was no change to the flab layer and I feel they do address this in their site and reviews.

  • Scuttie - It's ok!

    I wasn't sure where exactly I wanted to rate this product. I've gone through almost a whole canister of it. I started drinking it since I wanted to add a little extra green to my diet since I don't really eat a whole lot to begin with. I would probably rate it a 3.5. The taste was weird at first, but I didn't mind it. I just mixed it up with water and downed it. I didn't feel any significant energy boost from it whatsoever, but that wasn't really why I tried it in the first place... though I think with a name "All Day Energy Greens," there should be a little umph packed in there. I wasn't really trying to lose weight, but I do think that this has made some sort of contribution to it happening. It made me more "regular" as far as digestion goes since I felt like I was falling short on that. My biggest concern was the lead content. Not that it was a great amount, but the fact that it existed kind of bothered me. I would have probably gotten it again if it wasn't for that. Today I went to Vitamin World and picked up a canister of Garden of Life's Perfect Food RAW Organic Green Super Food powder to give that a go instead since it has the added probiotics that ADEG falls short on. All in all, not a terrible product, but I've decided to take a different route.