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  • Amazon Customer - Works like a charm

    This is the best product on the market for rapid cleansing. If you need to cleanse your body very fast, then you should definitely get this product as opposed to some of the others on the market.

  • JDRN - Love this book! I passed my NCLEX!

    One of the best book I've used for my NCLEX exam! I finished this book 2 times before I took my exam. It helped a lot! It truly prepared me for the test. Their test taking strategies are amazing and helped me a lot during me exam. I would recommend this book also Lippincott's and La Charity's book.

  • Sheila - LIFECELLSKINCARE UNFAIR TRADERS-they pre authorise charges from your bank account before you receive anything-BEWARE

    Do not buy this product-the terms and conditions relating to this product are 7 pages of A4. Before you receive this product the so-called trial, hundreds of £ which you did not authorise are pre-authorised from your bank and show up as a debit ($189.00 for product plus shipping cost) and taken out of your account. If you have a query following your so-called order, there is a reference number they give you, but the actual order does not describe nor specify exactly what you allegedly ordered nor that your account will be deducted i.e. shipping costs plus $189.00. If you have a query, you are advised to contact [email protected] which does not work: your email just bounces back. To cancel go on the Lifecell website (For some reason the web address will not print here)

  • C. Voner - Nice small unit

    very simple, just 1 output but seems ample for any device requiring 5V. It says it will do more but I have not pushed it as yet. Nice small unit.

  • N. Davenport - Light and Insubstantial - but sharp and well branded

    Bought these for my beach house because I like the Henckels name and I needed a full set. So far, these work really well, and, with the plastic handles, I don't feel bad putting them in the dishwasher, however, they are really light.

  • Alex - Good.

    It was an alright game, controls some what clunky. One reason I purchased it was to keep my FIFA world cup games collection up to date.

  • Dawn Savas - Did not work for me

    I bought this in hopes of making my microfiber couch a little more spill resistant with a toddler and several pets running around. I followed the directions and applied two coats but found that it did little if any to stop spills from soaking in. I was hoping liquids would bead up first before sinking in and allow me a little more time to clean. Perhaps my expectations were too high.