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  • OnlineShopper13 - Looks good, less reception than stock antenna.

    Like others have said before me. This antenna looks awesome! It does come with a price as the reception isn't as good as the stock antenna. I step a foot outside the city and my reception goes to crap, but within city limits, still works.

  • Dana D. - Best tanner I've ever tried for so many reasons!

    Expensive, but worth it in my opinion. I have a toddler and don't have time for anything too fussy to apply, or too long to dry. This stuff does NOT smell bad like other tanners I've tried, it dries super-fast, and the colour is lovely, not orange. It's not dark right away, but since I'm pretty fair, I actually prefer that, so I don't look fake. I can gradually increase it until I find the shade I like, then just maintain. It also makes my skin feel ridiculously smooth and supple. One bottle lasted me a whole season. Buying again!

  • vanessagullatte - Finance Class Textbook

    This textbook was thorough and provided way more information that I would've ever thought. After the class, I actually kept the book since its got so much information on how to evaluate stocks and their companies.

  • jaclyn stamos - LOVE IT

    I love this product. Gives you that extra help when you had to skip a day at the gym or have to skim on your work out. I wear it while cooking dinner, cleaning the house and walking the dogs around the block. It tighten your abs and you can feel it work. It has different levels of intensity for your needs. I love it. This product is to only assist you, not do the work for you. My mid section has been a problem for me since I had my kids and this has helped get those muscles that I can't seem to get. It helped me lose a few inches on top of my regular workout. It is not that big so it fits under shirts. I bought the gel as well to help make the pads last longer. Also you have to make sure you put the pads on the correct size. My husband and I were trying to share one till the second one came in and it was not worth it. We are two different people and the pads have to be moved according to your size. If you need that extra help besides what you are already doing at the gym, this is a great product. If you are looking to lose inches or weight by doing nothing, this will not help you. Only maybe put muscle under your fat but it will never go away without proper diet and exercise.