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  • Victoria G - VERY HAPPY with the product AND the service

    They look much nicer than the silver ones that were in the stove previously! The first shipment of this product was damaged and it was resent immediately! VERY HAPPY with the product AND the service!

  • Meredith Kitts - Great success to slow down the itching and make him ...

    On the suggestion of a friend, we started using this product on our itchy beagle/jack russell. Great success to slow down the itching and make him more comfortable!

  • lucy - Very happy with this product

    I just finished this Pure Pearl Facial Mask and my skin feels and looks so good. I did leave it on longer than it said, yes one of those that if a little is good a lot must be better. I like that I'm not confined to the couch with these. You can walk around watch TV do just about anything but tried eating pretzels didn't work so good. I have quite a few of mothermade products and have been happy with each and every one. They did not skimp on liquid, had I wanted to I could have saved the mask and got another application. I had no irritation or reddening to my skin. Some of the wonderful ingredients in this mask are:Pearl Extract

  • Herbert A. Lane II - 14yo loves it

    My 14yo son loves this game.He has real life type problems in the game and has to figure out how to overcome the obstacles. I recommend it.

  • Kerry Metz - Always ready and steady!

    I feel well prepared with this flashlight. Whether I'm walking on the trail or using it as a torchlight to work at home, this light and bright lantern gives me the reliability I want and need.

  • Kelsee Pomeroy - very unhappy...

    so I bought this book new and when I got it it was damaged. I paid 90 dollars for a new book that is damaged.

  • elzorrocr - Unbelieveble

    I know 0 (zero) of guitar playing. I had never held a guitar in my hands but I have always loved the sound and the power of an electric guitar. When I saw all reviews and comments I realized that now there was an option for people like me who don't have time for lessons and learns a different way. I have PS3 that I have not used in a while because honestly I got tired of video games. But I noticed that with video games you learned by repetition and challenge to go up levels. That is the principle behind Rocksmith. It is a video game. But they teach you very slowly and systematically how to play it. The best feature, it is a teacher that will not give up on you.