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Macungie Animal Hospital - Macungie Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing pets with quality affordable medical & surgical healthcare.

  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/2009/10/female-dogs-breast-cancer/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Female dogs & breast cancer - 99.5% of female dogs that are spayed prior to their first heat cycle will not develop mammary cancer.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/about-us/the-doctor-says/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Pet Health Tips | Macungie PA - Macungie Animal Hospital offers tips to keep your pet healthy, as changes in your pets health can occur slowly.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/about-us/press-releases/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Press Releases - April 2013: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Mary Lengle 610-392-7414 [email protected] International Veterinary Organization Selects Macungie Animal
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/services/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Veterinarian Services | Macungie PA - Macungie Animal Hospital offers veterinarian services to clients in the Lehigh Valley
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Staff - Our staff is the heart and soul of what makes Macungie Animal Hospital great. Dr. Soares set out to create a team of helpful, knowledgeable, and caring members
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-nancy-soares/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Nancy Soares | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Nancy Soares, founder and owner of Macungie Animal Hospital, takes very seriously the significant roles that pets play in our lives.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-tere-hernandez/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Tere Hernandez | Verterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Tere Hernandez has the ability to understand and empathize with human owners, and she believes that is what separates good vets from great ones.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-elizabeth-keehner/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Elizabeth Keehner | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Keehner’s expertise runs the gamut-from oncology & ophthalmology to emergency surgery & well visits. She prides herself in delivering compassionate care.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-donna-gigliotti/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Donna Gigliotti | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Dr. Gigliotti has been trained to provide custom measuring and fitting for animals in need of a mobility-aid cart.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-gigliottis-schedule/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Gigliotti's Hours - Dr. Gigliotti will be seeing patients at Macungie Animal Hospital:   Wednesday, November 2, 2pm-7pm Saturday, November 5, 8:20am-1pm Wednesday,
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/dr-diane-gabriel/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Dr. Diane Gabriel - Dr. Diane Gabriel Diane Gabriel, VMD, CVA, focuses her practice on integrative medicine. This approach utilizes more natural and gentle remedies coupled
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/jill-renfrew-mba-cvpm-acc/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Practice Manager - Jill Renfrew, MBA, CVPM, ACC is Macungie Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager. That’s no alphabet soup behind her name! Ms. Renfrew is a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager, Associate Certified Coach and a successful administrative professional with more than 20 years of experience within the veterinary industry. She authored AAHA’s Complete Guide for the Veterinary Client Service Representative, is a national speaker, practice consultant & is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, Veterinary Hospital Managers Association & the International Coaches Federation.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/nurses/ Macungie Animal Hospital | 2012 MAH Nurses - Macungie Animal Hospital employs a staff of dedicated doctors and nurses who provide your pet the attention, care, and support they need.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/staff/receptionist/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Veterinary Receptionists | Macungie, PA - View Macungie Animal Hospital's friendly staff of receptionists, who are ready to treat our clients and their pets as family.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/hospice-care/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Hospice Care | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - To promote and honor the human-animal bond, Macungie Animal Hospital has created a veterinary hospice care program.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Facility - Macungie Animal Hospital (MAH) was designed with the care & comfort of your pet in mind. Dr. Soares commissioned Animal Arts/Gates Hafen Cochrane located
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/reception-area/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Reception Area | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Macungie Animal Hospital hosts a spacious, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere to allow you and your pet to feel welcome and relaxed.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/exam-rooms/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Exam Rooms | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - MAH's exam rooms are fitted with ergonomically designed lift tables so you don’t have to lift your pet onto an elevated table.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/pharmacy/ Macungie Animal Hospital | On-Site Pharmacy | Veterianrians - Macungie, PA - Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with medications and supplements so your pet’s prescription can be filled and dispensed during their visit.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/lab/ Macungie Animal Hospital | In-House Lab | Veterianarians - Macungie, PA - Macungie Animal Hospital offers a comprehensive in-house laboratory equipped to analyze routine, pre-operative, and critical care bloodwork. Samples can be
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/radiology/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Radiology | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Macungie Animal Hospital was the first animal hospital in the Lehigh Valley to offer digital radio-graphic imaging.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/treatment/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Treatment Area | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - The largest area of the hospital was designed for efficiency whether tending to hospitalized patients or treating out-patients.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/surgery/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Surgery Suite | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - The surgery suite contains a specialized ventilation unit to provide the highest quality and best dynamic air flow during sterile surgical procedures.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/ancillary-unit/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Ancillary Unit | Veterinarins - Macungie, PA - All surgical and medical instrumentation is properly cleaned and sterilized in this area. Cloth goods such as surgery drapes and gowns are washed separately and sterilized according to AAHA standards.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/kennel-wards/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Kennel Wards | Veterinarians - Macungie, PA - Hospitalized patients are housed in clean and comfortable cages. Cats and dogs are kept in separate areas in order to decrease stress and ensure the comfort of both species.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/isolation-ward/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Isolation Ward | Veterinarians - Macunige, PA - This specialized medical ward houses hospitalized patients that are suspected of carrying an infectious disease.
  • http://www.macungieanimalhospital.com/facility/rainbow-room/ Macungie Animal Hospital | Rainbow room | Veterinarians - Macunige , PA - The rainbow room allows family members to visit with a hospitalized pet, make difficult decisions, or say goodbye to their loved one.

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