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Lunatus Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Company | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Lunatus offers 360 turnkey health care representation in the Middle East & Gulf Region

  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/ About Lunatus | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Lunatus medical and marketing services for the Middle East. Distribution channel
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/mission/ Lunatus Mission | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Our mission is to provide value added quality marketing and operational services tailored to the versatility of the region.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/ Lunatus brands and Products | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Offers a range of services that include Pharmaceuticals, Rx & OTC, Aesthetics medicine, skin care, Consumer Health and medical equipment for the GCC
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/bioq-pharma-and-lunatus-execute-agreement/ BioQ Pharma and Lunatus Execute Agreement | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - BioQ Pharma and Lunatus Execute Agreement to Commercialize Two Infusion Pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/foltene/ Foltene - Range of hair care treatments | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Whether you suffer from hair loss, oily scalp, dandruff, scalp sensitivity or thin, weak hair, Foltène puts life back into your locks.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/hightech-cosmetics/ HighTech Cosmetics: technology in your daily beauty care | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - HC HIGHTECH COSMETICS IS THE MOST RESPONSIVE AND TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED LUXURY COSMETICS BRAND ON THE MARKET.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/wellness/ Well-Ness - All Natural liquid Suppliments | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Well-Ness antioxidant herbal blends formulated by the purest natural extracts and selected ingredients. All Well-Ness blends are sugar & caffeine free
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/proflora/ ProFlora - Premium probiotics for a healthy lifestyle | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - premium probiotics to restore and balance the health and wellness of your digestive system, for the whole family. Comes in 3 concentrated varieties.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/otc-products/pantogar/ Pantogar - The No.1 treatment against hair loss is now in Dubai | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Pantogar is trusted by millions world wide for its support against diffused hair loss. Providing the nutrients from within for stronger healthier hair.
  • http://www.lunatus-me.com/about-us/our-brands/pharmaceutical-products/radiesse/ RADIESSE Lifting Filler - For a more younger you | Lunatus – Passion for Excellence - Treatment with RADIESSE Lifting Filler is quick, comfortable and convenient, with immediately visible, long-lasting results.

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  • Tammy L. Burrill - I love this thing

    I use my Total Trolley for everything. Carting stuff around the house and yard, The ladder for painting and hanging stuff, I even used it to bring a sleeper sofa into the house. I have used it in each of it's forms I don't know at least 100 times. I am presently using it to move my Grandmother from one end of her building she lives in to the other end and I love it. Best money well spent and I have looked to get one for loved ones and I can't find them anymore. What a shame it's the best thing

  • Dr. Michael J. De Vito - My experience tells me Dr. Wallech is 100% right.

    You may not need Dr. Wallach's advice if you live deep in an exotic hidden valley, heat your home with a woodstove, raise your own livestock or grow your own fruits and vegetables. I am tempted to give that a try but I am not there yet. Like me you probably live and work in our modern society. You shop in typical local markets and big box stores for most of your food and groceries. All the more reason to listen to what Dr. Wallach has to say about minerals. We are mineral depleted. Overtime that takes a toll on health. I am an addiction recovery physician and have seen nutritional deficiencies show up in many ways. For instance various states of poor physical health and that includes brain chemistry imbalances that can manifest into depression and compulsive addictive behaviors. Finding the missing puzzle piece can make all the difference. My experience tells me Dr. Wallach is 100% right.