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Logotipo PT | Design e Criação de Logotipos - Se pretende criar um logotipo profissional, então a Logotipo PT é a empresa que procura. Designers profissionais - Serviço Líder em Portugal.

  • https://www.logotipo.pt/servicos/ Serviços de design gráfico para empresas | Logotipo.pt - Logotipos, Design Gráfico, Publicidade, Design Multimédia, Impressão, Registo de Marcas
  • https://www.logotipo.pt/logotipos/ Logótipos | Identidade Corporativa e Design - Logotipo.pt - Líder na Criação de Logótipos, há mais de 10 anos a actuar no mercado nacional. Consulte o nosso Portefólio.
  • https://www.logotipo.pt/blog/ Blog Logotipo.pt | Espaço de Opinião, Logos e Logotipos - Blog de Opinião onde pretendemos fazer uma analise descontraída ainda que convicta dos nossos logotipos e também dos trabalhos de outros designers.

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    City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • K.B. - Great bag for Kindle or Chromebook

    I bought this so I would have a bag to carry my kindle and other things. It's a great size, fits up to a Samsung Chromebook 1. There are tons of pockets - so many that I'm still finding some! I wish the strap was a bit longer but otherwise this is a great bag to carry your electronics and stuff that you don't want to bring in a larger bag. The padded area in the back has kept my electronics very safe.

  • Matt - Great product!

    Easy install on my 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. Looks a lot better than the stock antenna. Now I can easily clear garages, car washes, and drive-thru's. Reception seems just as good as the stock antenna.

  • Henry Floyd - Mediocre at best

    Just plain ineffective. The strips did not stick to my nose and gradually started to peel themselves off after 10 or 20 minutes. Even during the time they were on, they didn't really widen my nostrils at all. So much for "50% stronger".

  • Country Girl - Back2Life Machine a True Blessing

    I was blessed to purchase my Back2Life machine (new and still packed in the box) from someone who had purchased it and then not used it. I have a herniated disk L5-S1, SI joint derangement, piriformis syndrome, and sciatica bilaterally. I have been in pain for the past 25 years, since a car accident in 1989. The Back2Life machine has been a HUGE blessing in my life. I had a pinched nerve in my lower back, and I was in "tear your hair out" pain. I was nearly at the point of screaming in pain. My husband helps me get properly positioned on the machine because my arms are short, and it's a little difficult for me to reach the on switch. I used the Back2Life machine for one cycle, and it relieved my pain a great deal. Because the pain had been so severe, I used the machine for a second cycle. After that, I got up and went to bed. The pain was GONE. I have never had a pinched nerve like that again. I thank God for my Back2Life machine!