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    I take the women's version and have for a long time;knowing how well they work I started my teen on them. If you do your research you'll find "not everybody needs a vitamin". Teens with their change in hormones, and less than adequate diet. It's a good idea now I take R.L's version because there a more soluble version than for example One a day. My system looses nutrients because of medical issues so for me it's wonderful. Teenagers are finicky and what one says settles fine the other will say the polar opposite. My boys take these, no complaint( except yes the size but it's certainly not a deal-breaker ) and have been for several months now. They use to take one a day for teens but the company decided to change the formula and make it a gummie for me that's a deal-breaker! I switched them over to these and both my boys have commented on the less acne,and easier on their systems.Not making the "repeat visit" and fairly frequently have been known to take them on an empty stomach. One of the niceties of R.L vitamins; they work with your system and are absorbed naturally not causing nausea feeling. I highly recommend them.

  • Lori - Piece of Crap..

    Piece of Crap.......your better off using a Dremmel. This thing could not remove a pore from an orange peel. Stay as far away from it as you can. RIP OFF!

  • Toni C James - Looks like a refinish..

    Two applications with a micro covered flip mop. Could not have been easier or quicker to apply. Was contemplating a professional stripping and reapplication of poly coat. All finish was intact but just not a high rich sheen. Quick finish did the job with little cost.

  • Marly - Great shampoo for curls and volume

    I was using the NO POO for weeks when my hair started to feel "gunky"....My scalp felt coated with sebum

  • David - The good book

    First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 is THE book that all medical students should have and be using on day 1 of medical school.

  • Carmen Mendez - This is the best!!

    It works and its now my new obsession. I have only used it twice and i see the difference already. I also had my husband try it out to see if it actually did work and not just my mind playing tricks on me. Well to tell you about my husband he loves coffee and drinks it once or twice a day so his teeth have been stained from that (also he used to smoke a lot so his teeth are also stained from that as well). I can tell you his teeth were pretty yellow. He tried this once and his teeth were white. I was in shock because i honestly thought it would not work but it did. I have recommended this to everyone i know. This company went above and beyond and the best part is that the ingredients are all organic, which is a huge plus for me and my husband. If you read my review i highly recommend that you try this. It is the best!