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  • AmazonIsWhyImPoor - Expensive..but worth it..!!

    I don't know what happened to my body this year, but my feminine balance has been off and it has been driving me nuts since I have never ever in my life had problems before. I had no choice but to start up my Florajen Probiotic again, but I still felt like I was off due to my BC. I read the reviews on this and I was sold... mainly because someone said they noticed they have absolutely no smell down there whatsoever...Now I'm not smelly, but EVERY girl is paranoid...and let me tell you, after 1 week of using this that reviewer was spot on. Absolutely no smell and I could tell my bacteria was healthy and back to normal. I lucked out and used my Amazon money on this and it cost $6. I will continue to save my Amazon dollars towards this purchase for life. The bottle is tiny and you do not get many pills if you use this daily. Now that I notice the difference and hope this prevents future feminine problems, I plan to use this pill every other day to make my supply last longer. Ladies, I have been through hell...but this combined with my probiotic just makes me feel like my normal self again and any little bit of paranoia I had before is completely gone. I also take an Azo Yeast pill every now and then when I like to up my sugar intake or enjoy a few beers to prevent any yeast issues.

  • Desert Garden - Used this product for years

    I first used this product years ago when I lived in a low-income housing development that was rampant with cockroaches. It was the only thing that worked, but also I loved that it didn't have that pesticide smell that lingers and gives me a headache. I have continued to use it during the years. I prevent bug problems in the house by sprinkling insecticide granules around the foundation of the house and then I spray the thresholds of the doorways with Bengal. I also mist a little in the corners of the ceilings and rooms to prevent "cobweb spiders."