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Jo-Anne Jones, - JO-ANNE JONES works with industry leaders, dental associations and conference organizers across the globe. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • http://www.jo-annejones.com/speaker-package Speaker Package - Jo-Anne is the president of an educational and clinical training company dedicated to excellence in quality education and team training. Jo-Anne has been selected as one of the DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry and joins the 2015 Dentistry Today CE Leaders for the 5th consecutive year. Jo-Anne is a sought after writer for leading publications in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia and Key Opinion Leader for a number of corporations within the dental community.
  • http://www.jo-annejones.com/articles/53-oral-cancer-care-struggles-with-three-misconceptions Oral Cancer Care Struggles with Three Misconceptions - April 2016 Dentistry Today - Todays Dental News, Oral Cancer Care Struggles with Three Misconceptions by Jo-Anne Jones
  • http://www.jo-annejones.com/articles/36-odha-elizabeth-craig-award-of-distinction-2015 ODHA Elizabeth Craig Award of Distinction 2015 - The Elizabeth Craig Award of Distinction was presented to Jo-Anne Jones in recognition of her exceptional and ongoing commitment to promoting the dental hygiene profession.A dynamic presenter who captivates audiences with her knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humour, she has earned many loyal followers, provincially, nationally and internationally.
  • http://www.jo-annejones.com/articles/42-periodontal-disease-the-three-pillars-of-prevention Periodontal Disease: The Three Pillars of Prevention - Fall/Winter 2015 Oh Canada!: Periodontal Disease: The Three Pillars of Prevention

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  • eire1274 - Same as what the music shops carry

    Good old Al Cass valve oil, but at cheaper prices. We stocked up here, and now have a bottle in each of our 3 trumpet cases, as well as a couple backups for when a kid will eventually lose one.

  • Sammy Miller - I'm glad I bought it

    I used this tonight for the first time and I'm happy with the results. My hair has a lovely sheen and is wonderfully soft. My hair goes a little past mid-back and I used about the size of a quarter's worth, or maybe a tiny bit more, on wet hair. At first I was a little worried, because unlike leaving conditioner on, there was no immediate feel that I'd put product in my hair. I didn't know if I'd put on too much or too little since I couldn't feel the product, or if it was going to do anything at all. I thought about adding more but worried that I'd end up with greasy hair, so I held off. Patience paid off, though, and when my hair was drier, I immediately noticed the new softness. I'm glad I bought the product.

  • Kenneth Thomsen - Helpful directory.

    I will know in the future if this book is as helpful as I hope it will be. But I definitely like how the book tells you the title of the person you will be sending your work to, what genres they want, and their submission policies. Some of these companies accept scripts outright. It took a while for me to realize that the internet wasn't a viable place to learn of agents and the like. So far I've noticed in this book that a writer will be sending their work directly to production company producers, writers, and directors. This review is hopefully full enough to help someone else base a purchase off of it; I might rate the book with ten stars if I get a call back. :) Good luck writers.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome bag with only 1 real drawback

    I got this bag to start biking to work and it's amazingly, deceptively, large. I can fit way more than I need into this thing and usually end up having to clean it out once a month or so because of the excess I tend to just start carrying around. The only drawback it has is the internal storage compartment, there is only one large space. It has a divider that runs the length of the bag but it's more of a document/envelope area, not a real laptop divider (padded, adjustable). Once I get to work I am able to change my clothes and put the biking stuff, including helmet, into the bag for safe keeping throughout the day. The cam combined with the cross strap that holds it in place while moving around make it nearly perfect. The quality on this bag is top notch, which is why I bought Timbuk2 in the first place. All the ballistic nylon makes this bag water resistant and it feels indestructible. I have over filled it a few times with some heavy things and it always felt like my shoulders would give out before the bag.

  • SWalriven - Redundant, irrelevant, vague

    I tried to get through the entire book but could not do it due to the constant repetition of certain points the author was making. I understand that some points are important to support the theory proposed by the author, but this goes too far. It's hard to tell if this is done merely to meet a quota of pages for the publisher or if they think the reader is really stupid. While there are some interesting parts, too much seemed to be so irrelevant or so vague that it makes the book hard to read. A lot of circumstantial evidence but not much in the way of concrete facts. This is not the first Tom Horn book I've tried to read but it will be my last.