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JCOACH - Coaching sportif Lorient Vannes - Préparateur physique en Bretagne Sud, Lorient, Vannes, Quimper. Spécialiste Interval Training, Cross Training, HIIT, Circuit Training, Réathlétisation

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  • go4broke - This book will change your life.

    I chose to give this book a 5 star rating because it makes sense and I know that when I employ the principles outlined in this book I feel better. I want to shout out to everyone "why are you taking poisonous drugs" ? This book should be your health bible. Thank you so much for reminding me that I can live without drugs which I have been doing for the last 20 years and giving me more information to put in my own personal health bible.

  • Pepperoni Man - Semi- easy install. Splurted black water for about 5 or ...

    Semi- easy install. Splurted black water for about 5 or 6 uses until it finally cleaned itself out. Works great.

  • sueh - Cleans well, but clunky and heavy and the sweep function is useless

    Fantastic steamer, but the sweep function is entirely useless and makes more of a mess than anything. The additional sweep function adds a lot of weight which makes the cleaner really difficult to maneuver. Also, there is no dedicated ON switch for the steam function, so you have to hold down a button on the handle the entire time as you steam your floors. This inconvenience was fine at first, but after a few times, it gets old...and tiring on the finger. Of course I could simply fasten a rubber band around the button to clasp it down, but that shouldn't be necessary if the device was more intelligently designed. I would not purchase again or recommend to anyone--I always recommend steam cleaners for anyone looking for a effective and efficient way to clean their floors, but I always warn them to stay away from this specific model. I'll probably eventually resell this cleaner on craigslist and buy a Haan.

  • Becky - I like that one dose is only two pills with a ...

    I haven't been taking this supplement long enough to tell a real difference. I am sure I will in the next few weeks. I like that one dose is only two pills with a meal. I do not get the jitters and I feel good. This is stimulant free which is amazing. Most fat burners either make you feel like yur going to have a heart attack or you sweat like a pig! I feel less bloated and my clothes are not as tight. As always, shipping was super fast and product arrived just as described. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, fair and unbiased review.

  • Patricia - Lost 12 lbs in 7 weeks

    I read the article on this book in the Costco magazine and was intruigued. So seven weeks ago I ordered the book from Amazon (Costco was sold out!) and read the key points. Essentially you look at the labels of what you are putting into you mouth with the goal to eat less than 15 grams of sugar and 120 grams of carbs per day. It's amazing how much sugar is in stuff you wouldn't think of - like low fat salad dressings & skim milk! I now drink unsweetened almond milk with my cereal (they sell Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla at Target in the refrigerated section!) and don't notice the difference. Annie's Bunny Love cereal is great too. Just go the grocery store, read the labels, and buy foods that allow you to meet the goal criteria outlined above. I also watch to make sure I get enough protein & fiber each day. Atkins Advantage bars are great for this. So far I've gone from 161 lbs to 149 lbs in seven weeks. Have fun & good luck.

  • TennEagle - This frankincense does not irritate my skin & is enough to share!

    I've never used frankincense before. I bought this because I'd read that it helps with spots that might turn into melanoma, skin tags, age spots & other skin problems. Though they say to dilute it with jojoba oil, etc., I've applied it pure without any adverse skin reaction. It absorbs quickly & has not stained my clothes. The smell is strong, but pleasant; it dissipates quickly. I thought the eye-dropper was defective, as the liquid leaked out of it, but the rubber end just needed to be pulled up tighter into the lid which rectified the problem. This is a large amount, which will last a LONG time! I think I will share it with my mother.

  • Zelda - Held up like a champ traveling in Asia

    I bought this stroller specifically to travel in Japan and Korea. It held up very well during all the travel abuse and the features I liked, lightweight and compact, were perfect for traveling. We used the subways in both countries and often we had to climb up stairs. We would just collapse the stroller and go up and down the stairs. The stroller is so lightweight that I was able to carry the baby and the stroller on my shoulder at the same time. The canopy is ok, not great. One of our wheels squeaked for a while, but after a couple days of wearing it down it stopped squeaking all together. When the stroller is overloaded, 25 lbs baby and giant heavy diaper bag, the wheels don't turn as well. The wheels are the worst feature on this stroller. They held up and will do the job, but because they are so small and flimsy, I find the stroller is not as easy to maneuver as others. The basket is adequate and I used it to store a blanket and my beco carrier. I also bought the sunshine kids attachment which came in handy. I left it on when folded. Sometimes it would bend the metal frame of sunshine kids bag, but you can just bend it back into shape. If you travel during the spring, fall, or winter, I highly recommend getting a plastic rain cover for this stroller. In both countries, parents used the cover to protect the little one from the wind and the cold, which seemed to work well. I didn't have one and my little one was freezing at times due to the cutting wind. The stroller usually can balance on it's own if you have diaper bag hung over the handles, but if it is overloaded, (we once also added heavy jackets to the bag) it will tip backwards (but we really overloaded the thing). You can definitely travel with and use a stroller in both Japan and Korea. Even with the crowds and narrow uneven streets, we were glad to have the stroller, especially if you have a big baby. I would switch off with carrying the baby in the beco and letting her ride the stroller throughout the day. The stroller does recline, but not flat. But it's enough for the little one to fall asleep. My baby really liked the belly bar and would often sit straight up holding onto the bar to see what's going on. If you want a decently priced stroller, which is compact, light, and will hold up for heavy duty traveling, then this is the one. I had the money to buy a more expensive one, but I knew if the stroller was too heavy and difficult to carry around when collapsed, it would just sit in the hotel room. If they would just add some better wheels, it would be almost perfect.