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Medical Services & Surgery Information: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - The James O'Riordan Medical Centre based in Sutton, Surrey. A General Practice (GP) & Doctors Surgery. For Doctor & Nurse Appointments & Medical Enquiries please call 020 8407 3695.

  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/contact-how-to-find-us/ Contact & How to Find Us: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Surgery Contact Details including Address and Telephone Numbers. Plus how to find us and maps to the surgeries.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/opening-hours/ Opening Times: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Surgery opening hours, extended opening hours and appointment times with the Doctor or Nurse.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/appointments/booking/ How to Book or Cancel your Appointment: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Instructions on how to book your appointment with the Doctor, Nurse or other Healthcare professional. Also includes appointment cancellations, urgent appointments, consultation times and telephone consultations.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/appointments/dental-appointments/ Dental Appointments: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - If you have an urgent dental problem such as toothache or a dental abscess you should see a dentist not your GP.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/urgent-problems/ Urgent Problems & Out of Hours: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - What to do if your have an urgent problem or a Medical Emergency and how to contact your Doctor in and out of hours. Remember, You should call the NHS 111 service if you need medical help fast, but it’s not a 999 emergency.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/patient-registration/ Registering with Us: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - How to register as a permanent or temporary patient at the practice. Also includes our practice catchment area.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/prescriptions/ Prescriptions: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Repeat Medication Prescriptions - Methods available for ordering your Repeat Medication from the surgery.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/test-results-specimens/ Test Results & Specimens: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - How to obtain the results of medical tests and x-rays. Information on how to send in your laboratory specimens to the surgery.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/practice-clinics-services/ Practice Clinics & Services: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Information on the Health & Medical Clinics and Services & that are available at the surgeries.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/travel-health-immunisations/ Travel Health & Immunisations: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Nurse led Travel & Vaccinations Clinic, includes access to our Travel Risk Assessment Application.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/change-of-details/ Change of Contact Details: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - How to inform the Practice of a patient change of address, telephone number etc.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/smoking-status/ Smoking Status: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Smoking - To help us update your patient medical records, we would be grateful if you would complete our smoking status form.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/blood-pressure-charts/ Blood Pressure Charts: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Blood Pressure Charts - This is used to send us the readings you have collected from your Home Blood Pressure machine.
  • http://www.james-oriordan-medical-centre.nhs.uk/health-services/medical-record-viewer/ Medical Record Summary: The James O'Riordan Medical Centre - Medical Record Summary Viewer - Those patients who have already signed up to Vision Online Services for online prescription requests and appointments can now view their Summary Care Record.

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