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Innovative Research of America - The world's only producer of time relesased biomedical research pellets with 100s of stock and custom products to choose from.

  • http://www.innovrsrch.com/product/custom_pellets.asp Innovative Research of America - Custom Pellets - Whether the custom product is a small peptide or a large protein, a lymphokine or a cytokine, a growth factor or an antibody, an anti-hormone or an inhibitor, we have the proper technology that produces ready-to-implant custom pellets.
  • http://www.innovrsrch.com/advantages.asp Innovative Research of America - The Pellet Advantages - There are many advantages to using our time release pellets over convetional drug delivery methods.
  • http://www.innovrsrch.com/pellets.asp Innovative Research of America - Pellet Description - The unique engineering of the (MDD) Pellet System integrates the three principles of diffusion, erosion, and concentration gradients. It generates a finished pellet with a biodegradable matrix that effectively and continuously releases the active product in the animal.
  • http://www.innovrsrch.com/faq.asp Innovative Research of America - Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to the most common asked question to help you quickly get the answers you need.

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  • Jenny Jenkins - Cruel Disappointment -- and So Unnecessary

    Truly junk! My nieces and nephews had only heard of a Ouija board and as a kid, I had such fun with my own. The planchette would seem to slide on its own to answer such questions as "Does Mike Maloney really like me?" I owed it to the kids to share the experience, and its chills and thrills.

  • Amazon Customer - Supple works for me and my wife

    I was given about ten cans from a friend while working on a job out of town. I tried it and seemed to feel better soon after drinking it after a hard days work at age 65. The friends said it didn't do anything for them but it works wonders for me! I have been taking it for two years now and even though I work as and electrician, climbing and cutting etc. I seem to have much better movement than anyone I know my age. I have given it to about ten people and only about half seem to benefit. I had a friend at church that said his mom, mid seventies, could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I brought six cans to him and told her to drink one in the afternoon or evening before a meal. He was so excited , he said his mom got up out of bed a few days later and realized she hadn't been able to do that! She bought a subscription and has done a lot better.

  • Ganondorf65 - Wet your fingers before touching the product.

    This product does an amazing job at repairing all kind of stuff around the house. But be warned, once it's cured, it becomes stiff and not flexible as I thought it would be.