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Inicio - Página web del Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Río Arba de Tauste (Zaragoza, Aragón, España).

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -0.8849 Saragossa, Spain

  • Amit Malik - Not enough songs

    I was really looking forward to buying this game to play with my kids. the only thing i did not like is that there are very few songs included with this game. most of the good songs can be bought online costing 3-4 bucks each. i was not ready to spend another 40 bucks on buying songs after buying the game that's why its only going to get 3 stars

  • Brad - highly recommend installing BEFORE your OEM guards fly off at 60 ...

    purchased over a year ago with no regrets. unlike the OEM guards that came installed these havnt blown off or ripped at high speeds. highly recommend installing BEFORE your OEM guards fly off at 60 mph.

  • Jerry S Seay - It works for me !

    I saw this on TV and it suffer from puffy eyes Bo matter if I sleep 4 hours or 9 , so I decided to give it a shot. It's dries very quickly and makes the area it is applied very tight at first but eventually it softens up so you don't really realize it's there. Make sure to use very small amount as a littler goes a long way. I will buy again when this bottle runs out.

  • Kenia B - The hard part is the longest

    I use this probably every 4-6 weeks to give my hair a little extra strength and smoothness. I also use the second step and although, I dont really care for how sticky it is, it does seem to improve the texture of my hair. Basically, you wash your hair and coat it with this product (it is sticky and a little gross) Make sure that you get ALL of your hair, especially the top of the back. You then sit under a dryer or use a hand dryer (DO NO AGITATE HAIR) until it is rock hard. I mean literally like a pack of egg noodles, which can take 30+ minutes. after that you rinse it out and apply step 2. Step 2 then softens the hair and leaves it silky smooth. In my opinion, it really is a 2 step process. I thought the price on amazon was great and I tried it because 4 different people told me about it. I would recommend it.

  • Dreamfisher - Support for Mature Hair

    As with many enhancement products, this Argan Oil Treatment must be tried to determine if it works for your needs. I am in my late sixties, have thin, dry, and slightly wavy hair. In the last twenty years, as I have aged, I noticed that with the arid climate where I live, plus hard water, my hair has turned almost brittle. A friend put a few drops of this oil in my hand, and as I massaged it into my hair,I noticed an immediate softening and added sheen. And decided to order my own supply.

  • Shelterkeeper - Not for regular taxpayer

    While this book was very well written and very accurate (I am sure), it is not for the regular homeowner seeking some tax relief. It is more for people who own businesses.