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Hudson River Foundation - The mission of the Hudson River Foundation (HRF) is to make science integral to decision-making with regard to the Hudson River and its watershed and to support competent stewardship of this extraordinary resource. This purpose is pursued through support of scientific research; communication to expand knowledge about the river among the scientific community, policy makers, and the public at large; initiatives to enhance management of the Hudson ecosystem; and education about the River and physical improvements to the riverfront.

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  • Dr. DMT - Kindle version not easy to read! Too small

    I bought the kindle version. It's really hard to read too small it's like the exact replica of the book I just wish they formatted it for kindle reading like secrets step 1. The first aid 2015 you have to keep on zooming , scroll left right each section .

  • Leon Kendrick - Poor standards

    The product came with a viewing software that required a password. It would not allow me to create an ID and password and there was nothing in the documentation stating what the ID and password were. Moreover the documentation was obtuse, and one could tell that it was written by an individual who has a very poor grasp of english. I have the product, but I cannot use it. I would never order it again, nor would I recommend the product to anyone else.

  • A Work in Progress - Sorry, but this model is an Epic Fail!

    This was my 3rd or 4th model of Keurig that I have owned. I am a small business owner and over the past few years I have given away a few dozen of these to customers. I have also purchased Keurig coffeemakers for family and friends.

  • Amazon Customer - The product is good-less sweet than the traditional chocolate with fewer calories and more ...

    The product is good-less sweet than the traditional chocolate with fewer calories and more vitamins. I was disappointed in the amount that was in the canister and felt like a smaller container or more of the product would have been beneficial.

  • mashocase - Best floss I have found!!

    I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist in Ma. For 33 years and I love what I do! I had read reviews on a Dental Hygienist only website and they were all good , so I ordered 3 packages of it. I am using it at home and at work on my patients. This floss is wonderful! It smells pleasantly of coconut, is easy to grasp, the coconut oil makes it easy to glide between the teeth and does not shred or break! My patients have given me positive feedback 100%. I refer them to Amazon to purchase it. Thank you for a great new product!