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  • Kauai 411 - pretty much awesome

    I used it once and already know I will be using it much much more. Pocket holes are super nice, strong and professional looking. Before this I would often use say a dovetail or rabet joint. This is so much easier and strong too. For a really nice joint I like to use this in conjunction with my bisquit joiner.

  • maryteresa platt - Kindle edition

    I enjoy reading Marie Claire. It has interesting articles of interest to women such as breast cancer charities, etc. However, I would think that if you already have a print subscription, you need not pay for a kindle edition.

  • Michael Schoene - Awsome...there is nothing else to say

    If you read one book in your life make it this book. This is one of the best balanced books that I have ever read. Simply put the story is about Shackleton's attempt to be the first person to cross the Antarctic continent by passing streight across the South Pole. The story talks about everything from the planning of this expadition to the official ending of the project. What these men faced inbetween could have never been planned for, so they needed to depend on their smarts and their shear will to survive. Never before have I heard of men doing so much with so little. The story is truely inspirational, and Lansing tells it well. The book is full of beautiful photos taken during the expedition, so it is easy to envision the environment that these men were subjected to. The photography makes the book well worth it by itself, but the story makes the book a treasure. I highly recomend this book to anyone that can read.

  • Lauren Hughes - The design of these is really comfortable

    I always struggle in the gym trying not to get tangled up in my headphone cable while I exercise and listen to music on my phone.

  • efasu - Beautiful collection of music and variety from Lady Gaga

    I have been waiting for this new release. Lady Gaga's latest music is very varied and is excellent. Much different from her earlier work. Some country western influence, songs with her previous style, beautiful vocals.....

  • Dennis Thompson - A Must Have Program

    I purchase an upgrade every 2 to 4 years. I think I started using this sometime between 94 & 96. I don't have to be on line to use it, I can access it anytime anywhere on my computer. I even purchased the little GPS device that plugs into my laptop. Last year when we went to the New England area, it was nice to have a 19 inch GPS to find our way around (besides the little 5 inch one).

  • Kezia O - Lovely Packaging

    I have used this product only a few times when I skip my prescription Retin-A. I like the smell of it, and it works really well for overnight clear-ups. I use it under a moisturizing night cream.